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Is it better down South/Southwest?


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  • Is it better down South/Southwest?

    If I could get an opinion from someone, maybe an officer that started his/her law enforcement career outside of the South/Southwest and then transferred to a department in the Southern/Southwest region of the US. Is there more support for officers in conservative states rather than liberal ones? I'm a police officer in Illinois (Chicago suburbs) and it seems like we have to go above and beyond to justify everything that we do and are usually criticized for actions even before our criticizers know the facts. It's very liberal where I work and have had civilians challenge me in uniform, for example, saying that I'm not doing anything about people violating the smoking law when I'm assisting a petitioner of an Order of Protection. I especially like the behind the back e-mails that the Chief gets saying that our officers just walked/rode by a group of smokers while we were en-route to an emergency call. Maybe that's the way it is everywhere. I still love this job, but I'm tired of the elitist snobs thinking they know everything about what we do or what we are supposed to do when the snobs don't have or know all the facts.


    -A frustrated LEO in Illinois

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    Man of all the LE interviews I have had, I get told thats part of the job. When I express my frustrations about allegations made against you that arent sustained, but yet still appear when a BI is done, I get the same answer from all agencies, "we see it all the time with law enforcement"
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      It is the same way in a small town anywhere. Some people think that you are there to serve them and only them. I once got a complaint against me that I took my lunch break "too late at night" when working 14 hour shifts. I got a complaint that I was driving too fast (35 in a 25) when responding code 3 to a suicide attempt. Just like the big city of Chi-town, small town USA has the same people rich or poor that think you are their personal police force.


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        I don't think it's any different anywhere amigo. 50 years ago, perhaps, would have been a great time to work... for the most part now, people think we just sit and wait to take their calls and you can't win for losing. Emailing about units speeding, or not enforcing smoking bans while they're en route to a real call. Sheesh.

        Just take the money, play the game, and enjoy your family outside of work. It's still just a J-O-B


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