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    Has anybody here worked for Triple Canopy? I left a message with a recruiter and will try to call them again.

    Are they a good company? How is the pay? What can you tell me about them?

    I am looking at the following two jobs.



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    I worked with some of there guys back in Iraq in 2005. Great guys to work with most where SEALs or Delta force before. Money wise at that time they where pulling in over $1,000 a day. I tried to apply for them when I got out back in 2006 there recuierments where much higher then they are now back then you had to been in SF.

    Friends who I have talked to who have worked for companyies like this say the pay is going to be pretty good your hours are going to suck as your always on call 24/7 for the 90 days+ you are there.


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      I may be able to help answer your questions. I will send you a PM.
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        I second that; lots of former tier-one types on board with Triple over at socnet. There is one socnet.com regular who is former USMC FR who just started processing for a WPPS/PSS position with Triple Canopy.

        pm me if still interested and I will ask if he's willing to share some recruitment/hire process info.

        App: 2/12/09
        Geo: Revised; CA Long Beach, San Bernardino, L.A.
        Written: 2/20/09
        NOR: 3/2/09 (81 no vet pref.)
        TO: ? (reached my 37th bday 9/09)

        App: 5/5/09
        Geo: San Diego
        Written: 6/5/09 (75.8 no vet pref.)
        NOR: 7/20/09
        Faxed Documents: 7/7/09
        TO: 10/6/09
        Mailed Documents: 10/16/09
        Oral Interview: 12/02/09 Passed

        Geo: SW Border-El Centro/San Diego Area
        App: 8/17/10
        Written: 10/6 Passed (73 w/ no vet pref.)
        TO: 11/10/10 (pre emp forms due 11/22)


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          I have worked both actually, and have several friends still over with them. What questions do you have, keeping in mind that site and company specific info is not allowed to be shared?

          As for your three basic questions: They are run by mostly former Army guys, and are a long lasting company. Good is subjective: some people do not like their corporate structure and methods of support. Other people swear by it.

          Pay for the PSS gig is close to 450 a day, give or take a few dollars, and you will be on duty (overseas) 270 days in one 365 day contract. Pay for the Force Pro will be much much less, usually rated at an hourly rate near 15-18 dollars an hour (but you will work 100 hours in a week) and it is a tax exempt zone, so you will not pay income tax on the first 80,000ish if you stay gone for 11+ months in a year. Keep in mind, Kuwait is 99.99999% non-hostile, so hence the lower pay.

          Not sure what more you want to know..... the PSS contract is in support of the Department of State Diplomatic mission (embassy), so you guard and move diplomats/ambassadors/guests of the DOS. The Force Pro gig is in support of the Department of the Army guarding physical assets in Kuwait.
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