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Anyone out there know what Depts are hiring for entry-level on a regular basis?


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    Originally posted by TheKansan View Post
    It is crap, but remember that a lot of us were trying to get hired back when the economy was doing great, unemployment was low, and there was much less competition for the jobs. Even back in 2007, it wasn't a cakewalk getting hired. With the feds, Border Patrol is hiring. My agency, the BOP, is always hiring as well. US Capitol Police is hiring.

    Just don't give up.
    I'm sure it has never been a cakewalk to get any LE jobs but at least a while back there were jobs to apply for! Now it's all hiring freeze city!


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      Haha ringo!

      Right after 9/11 was the perfect time to get hired for these jobs. I know NCIS agents with only a bachelors degree and NO other experience who were hired immediately after 9/11 because they needed people.

      Anyway I'm not giving up! The past several years I have spent making myself more competitive by getting a masters, learning Mandarin, living in China... as soon as I see jobs open to apply to, I am going to apply (within reason - there are agencies I don't want to work for, ex. border patrol).


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        www.bart.gov/police in Oakland,CA


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          LVMPD Police Recruit Hiring Online Interest Cards

          Originally posted by SoCalguy09 View Post
          I'm finding it next to impossible to find any Depts that are hiring for entry-level Officers. Anyone know of any Depts that are hiring on a regular basis?
          Dear SoCalguy09:

          Thank you for your post.

          You may submit an online interest card for Police Recruit at www.lvmpd.com after December 7, 2010.

          You may submit an online interest card for Correction Recruit at anytime now; however, there is no information about the next Corrections academy this year or for 2011. Things rapidly change on the department from day to day, so I would encourage you to complete an interest card for Correction Recruit ASAP. You may want to also consider putting in an online interest card for Police Recruit when the time comes to keep as many options open.

          In doing this you will be notified when we will start accepting online applications. No POST waiver is required as you will be required to attend our academy to include field training. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has implemented a mandatory seminar for Police Recruit that is conducted by the Recruitment Team prior to a candidate being allowed to continue in the testing process. After you submit your application, you will be given an opportunity to select three seminar dates that work the best with your particular schedule.

          There is no age requirement other than a minimum of 21 years of age. Below is additional information you might find useful.

          It is highly recommended that if you want to apply for the position, you do so as soon as the position posts. You should also monitor www.lvmpd.com on a regular basis to keep up with any position updates. All of LVMPD positions are in high demand and receive a large volume of applications, Due to this, the position posting has been closed earlier than what is stated on the job announcement.

          All Police Recruits testing and hiring process is the same, no exceptions. Police Recruits while attending LVMPD Police Academy receive a starting annual salary of $49,171.00, with full benefits. That salary increases quickly toward the $100,000.00 mark as your career progresses. This is not a non-realistic number, and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department pays 100% of your retirement unlike many of our larger city competing agencies. The cost of living in Las Vegas is drastically lower than other large, metropolitan cities as well.

          In terms of reputation, LVMPD is continuously recognized as the #1 premier western law enforcement agency bar none.

          LVMPD does not have a Lateral Transfer Program for any position.

          Below is a checklist to guide you through the process for Police Recruit. The checklist is in the order that you would begin navigating towards achieving your career goals.

          â–¡ Visit www.ProtectTheCity.com and review:

          â–¡ Job Descriptions
          â–¡ Minimum Qualifications
          â–¡ Hiring Process
          â–¡ Background
          â–¡ What It Takes
          â–¡ Commitment & Values
          â–¡ Benefits
          â–¡ The Academy
          â–¡ Physical Fitness Test Preparation Program
          â–¡ Study Guide
          â–¡ Physical Fitness PREP Program for Police Recruits
          â–¡ Multi-media Videos

          â–¡ Visit www.lvmpd.com and review:

          â–¡ About Us
          â–¡ Bureaus
          â–¡ Programs
          □ Employment (Open Positions, Jobs Descriptions of all LVMPD positions, benefits, etc. You may also put in an interest card for any other positions by clicking on the “I’m interested” link if it’s available)

          â–¡ Also, at your convenience you may follow this link to review many different helpful videos that have been created and/or sponsored by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to assist candidates in making an educated decision about pursuing law enforcement as a career.


          In the websites you will find 99.9% of all your answers to your questions. The first website is primarily designed for LVMPD recruitment efforts as they relate to sworn positions.

          â–¡ Background questions will be handled by calling LVMPD Personnel Bureau at 702-828-3497 and ask for the Background Investigator of the Day.

          Thank you for your interest in one of the nation’s top law enforcement agencies. You may absolutely contact me again if with any other questions or concerns.


          Officer Thomas Gorton
          Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
          702-920-8953 (Office/Fax)
          [email protected](Preferred)
          Last edited by LVMPD_Recruitng; 11-02-2010, 12:43 PM. Reason: Email address
          Officer Thomas Gorton
          Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department
          702-828-5787 (Office)
          [email protected] (Preferred)
          http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1073617429 (Add me on Facebook)
          http://www.facebook.com/LasVegasMetr...mentRecruiting (LVMPD Recruiting Facebook Page)


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