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  • Seattle/Pierce County Police Departments

    I am currently 19 years old and living in Los Angeles, California but I plan on moving to Washington when I'm 20.5 or 21. I just wanted to see if anyone could tell me if the deparments in the Seattle and Pierce County areas are currently hiring and to see if there is any advice I can use right now as an out-of-state prospective.

    I know LAPD is pretty much always hiring, but I don't want to stay and work in LA for a long time because I'm tired of California. If I go to Washington and the departments are having a hiring freeze, should I come back down and work for LAPD for a while until a spot becomes available in Washington? Would I have to do the academy all over even though I'd be an LAPD officer or would I be able to easily transfer to a department in Washington?

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    From my experience, you would have to take the Seattle academy even though you have taken the academy at another department...at least that is how it is in Milwaukee.

    As far as openings, there is a forum here for local discussions. I would think the Washington boards would be your best bet for local jobs.

    Lastly, I would say LEO experience in LA is going to help you in finding a job in another department because it gives you experience. You may not get bonus points for being a cop (again, you don't in Milwaukee), but it will help during the test, the interviews, and the background as long as you keep your nose clean.

    Hope this helps
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      Honestly I wouldn’t even think about moving up here. There are many departments that are threatening layoffs, including the biggest county in the state. And the layoffs aren’t small either. Some departments (Tacoma for example) aren’t even accepting out of state laterals anymore, they are doing so to basically help out those who have been laid off by WA departments. There is a thread in the Washington St section about which departments are talking layoffs.

      Most of the departments in the state have hiring freezes or even layoffs. There are a couple that will be annexing new areas to their cities so they will be hiring but with the amount of laterals out there right now you would definitely be at a disadvantage.

      As far as getting a certification in Cali and moving to WA, you would need to attend the state’s Equivalency Academy. WA is different from Cali in that there is only one law enforcement academy in which all law enforcement officers attend, no matter if you are a deputy, city cop, fish and wildlife officer, gambling special agent, college police or tribal. Only the WA St Patrol has their own academy. In order to go to an academy you must be hired by an agency, it’s not like in other states where most of the community colleges have academies.

      The equivalency academy use to be an 80 hour 2 week course. However they recently changed to a 9-week online program where all of your “work/training” is online thru the computer with the exception of the final 3 days which are classroom taught. So once you attend the equivalency academy you can work anywhere in the state. But you need to be hired by an agency to attend the basic academy or the equivalency academy.


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        Thanks a lot for the answers guys, I appreciate it. It kind of sucks because I've always wanted to live in Washington, but if departments up there aren't hiring then I'd be better off just staying here. Hopefully by the time I'm able to apply at 20.5 or 21 the economy picks up and I'm able to move up there to work. I'll check out the local forums right now though and keep tabs on what is going on. Thanks for the info! I'm new to this site.


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