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  • LEI PRADCO Test???

    A department im applying for... (my local city.. much closer and more active and better pay then where im at now)

    they use to use the GOD AWFUL Egromatics frontline video test..

    i guess all my complaining to them last year about it changed there mind...

    so this year they are giving a different test its called the

    Pradco Law Enforcement Index....

    so far i cannot find out much.. this is what i know

    Overview: Cities and other law enforcement agencies frequently do assessments to determine how candidates fit within a particular department. PRADCO understands that it can be hard to find the right applicant. The best candidate will be smart, know how to deal effectively with the public, have a good work ethic, have good judgment, be emotionally stable, and have a high degree of integrity. Our Law Enforcement Index measures these qualities and more.

    The Index measures 16 competencies that are considered most important for success in a law enforcement position. It was validated by police officers from small villages, middle-sized cities and major metropolitan areas. This index will compare your candidates to the most effective law enforcement officers in the state, or you can customize the process to benchmark your top performers, taking into account your department's unique culture.

    The Dimensions are Results, Service, Improvement, Dependability, Flexibility, Initiative, Quality, Safety, Attitude, Teamwork, Courtesy, Composure, Compassion, Integrity, Judgment, and Objectivity.

    The Law Enforcement Index is used for police officers and security personnel. It can also be combined with the Leadership Index for management positions.

    Administration time is approximately 20 minutes.

    Has anyone ever taken this test..

    is there any way to study for it..

    or any other general information?

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