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Questions Regarding Customs and Border Programs


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  • Questions Regarding Customs and Border Programs

    I wanted to know about the BORSTAR program and the BORTAC program and if they are allowed like full boder patrol agents and also I had a question since I'm in the military I was wondering about the Customs and Border Clearance Agent Position. If there is anyone who can shed some light on what they do and what I need to do to be a part of one of these programs. I work in the Medical Field in the Air Force so I know a little about what I saw on BORSTAR I would love some postive feed back and no negative, Im know there are CBP threads but none have the answers I'm looking for thanks.
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    There's plenty of info on BORSTAR and BORTAC in the Border Patrol agent threads on this forum, and, well, Google. BORSTAR and BORTAC are specialized units within the Border Patrol. To be eligible for either you have to have served at least 3 years as a Patrol Agent. Then, like most specialized law enforcement units, you have to apply to and endure through a competitive and rigorous selection process (i.e. to even be eligible for consideration I believe you need to have scores of at least 90% on your fitness battery as well as your firearms qualifications). I got all that from the Border Patrol's website.

    If I were you, I'd go over to the Border Patrol thread and ask around there. There's at least one Patrol Agent who isn't BORSTAR, but has received some significant medical training during his time as an agent.

    You are aware that the Border Patrol has a hiring window open now till the end of this month?


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