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LE hiring and stability across the US...


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  • LE hiring and stability across the US...

    In your opinion, which area of the country(ie North, South, Mid West, West) has the best opportunities to
    find a job at the local or state level?

    Also, what region has the most "stable" local/state LE agencies (ie no layoffs, good fiscal policies, frequent
    hiring, etc)?

    In my opinion, a lot of the local/state LE agencies in the South seem to be doing well in regards to the terms
    I listed above. Although the pay is not that good in the South, many departments are hiring and I haven't
    heard of too many layoffs.

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    Personal opinion is the mid-south and the north west from what I have seen lately. Colorado is doing okay thus far in comparison to other states. I hear the Texans are still kicking butt.


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      they just hired 1200 recruits in July here for the City. There's always been talk of layoffs, but can't be too bad if there's money to hire 1200 personnel.


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        Not a single agency in my local metro area (Kansas City) has layed off or furloughed any police officers since the recession began. In fact several agencies have hired, and some are currently having hiring processes. Not to say that the area is booming or anything because a few agencies are still under hiring freezes, but overall we came out of the recession pretty well.
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          I live in north Texas, Dallas is shakey at best with politics. Every week there is a new cast on Dallas thinking or discussing police cutbacks and layoffs. I heard Ft. Worth might be hiring. However cops in Texas are for the most part loved (compared to alot of other states) so there are alot of people trying to shoot for police positions in this state. Likewise it is very competitive, to many people with state certifications and no employment around here. I put myself through the police academy and only about a 1/4th of us have been picked up (for very small departments) in the past 8 months. Alot of small agencies don't want you to even try out without having atleast a certification. However there are some exceptions -Arlington and Addison want you to have college degrees. So that weeds alot of people out, so if you have a degree thats good. Also I find that compared to other states (where I have tried out for large departments) there seem to be way less former military applicants, so if you have prior service thats useful here to. Those are my 2 cents about NORTH Texas...I don't know about the rest of the state.


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            I'm a Fed. in Oregon. I work with the State and county guys alot. I know they are having issues. The state guys are dealing with furloughed work days and some pay cuts.
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