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  • Washington State Patrol Phase 1

    Hi everyone, I am about to retake the Phase 1 test for the Washington State Patrol on August 14th. This will be the third time... as I took it back in September and October of 2007 back-to-back and failed both attempts. I really want this job... to be a part of the best Law Enforcement Agency (IMHO). Just something about the WSP keeps coming back to embed a deep desire within me. I feel that over the past three years that I have matured greatly and that now is the perfect time to try it again.
    Anyway, I write to anybody (anyone that has taken the WSP or for that matter any entry level Law Enforcement test) in regards to acquiring strategies involving the observational memory part. I think that was the part of Phase 1 testing that I had the hardest part. I mainly think it had to do with a combination of test anxiety and only having 60 seconds to memorize the entire picture. Since then, I’ve done my research and studying with police study material. One person told me that I should break the picture into four-quadrants as that is easier to do.
    I was just curious as to what other people have done to prepare for that part of the test and how they tackle that part on the day of the test.

    In addition, since it has been a few years now can anyone give me a few pointers as to the rest of the Phase 1 test. I know now that it’s required to pass a physical fitness test which will be no problem for me since I’ve been training for it.

    Thank you everyone for your insights…

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