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Looking for federal agency for violent crimes investegations


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    I talked to my buddy about the Criminal Investigator for the DA's idea and he said he knows people down there and they are actually looking for a few. Granted, it's for the defense side, but experience is experience.


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      Tell here to be on the look out for a position with CBI. Does she have her Colorado POST?


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        The Bureau of Indian Affairs - Office of Justice Services 1811's investigate all the violent crime you'll ever want.

        A lot of the time BIA 1811's are in rotation with the FBI agents for callout on the reservations.

        The FBI agents that work on reservations can attest to how much "real" crime they work on. Enough to where the FBI is considering many reservation duty stations to be "hardship" duty stations with the agents choice of openings after working the rez for so long.

        Might be harder for her to get into without prior LE experience though, but with her degree she'd probably be qualified.

        There's a couple open on USA jobs right now.


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          Originally posted by Investigator 26
          I wouldn't have been nearly as successful as a detective if I wasn't a street cop first. That is the best way to learn. It may not be what she wants but she will be way better off starting out as a patrol cop then moving up to investigations.
          Absolutely... I've seen kids just out of school trying to do rape/assault investigations while the family is going crazy. They're a deer in the headlights.

          Of course one good patrolman takes the place of about 5 of us investigators.


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            Originally posted by memphis PO PO View Post
            Yeah, I have to agree you are not going to find to many feds that do homocide, robbery, assault investigations, as those are state crimes and the feds would just defer to the states. There are USC codes (federal) for murder etc., but I would bet they are not used too much by agencies outside of the military ones listed above. I doubt the FBI would take a homocide case unless it was VERY high profile (but I could be wrong). Believe it or not, but what you see on TV when you have two different agencies yelling and screaming at each other that it is their case and their jurisdiction is the complete opposite. They are instead arguing that its the other guys job and that they are NOT taking it.

            Her best bet would be a state agency that is primarily investigations such as the TBI (Tenn, Bureau of Investigation) GBI (Georgia), KBI (Kansas) FDLE (Florida), MBI (Mississippi), etc. I am not sure if every state has an agency that is pure investigation without having to go through state trooper (DPS), but alot have them that you hire directly on. Good Luck.
            ^ Agreed. (GBI agent here).


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