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  • Bureau of Industry and Security OEE Special Agent

    Anyone know how much foreign travel is involved with this job? I know they check with end users in regards to exports as part of the sentinel program, but was not sure if they have agents in other countries or if it was the responsibility of the case agent to do this? Any information would be appreciated.
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    they work alot of joint cases with ICE or other agencies that do tech transfer cases- i work with one regularly- from what i hear, if they aren't involved with actual tech xfer cases, they are handling admin type cases where a company will self report that they "accidentally" or un-knowingly violated an export law for which the penalty is usually some fine- they also do the sentinel program as you listed- there is talk (but isn't here always???) of them being folded into ICE or HSI or whatever they are called now- not sure how true that is, but thats the rumor mill


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      Anyone interviewed with BIS for the CI position before? How long does it take from applying until you get a phone call for interview?
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        I have not interviewed with BIS OEE before, but like most smaller agencies, it usually takes between1 to 3 months from the closing date of the announcement until interviews are conducted.

        Good LUCK
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          Anyone else apply for this position?


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