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  • Needing a little guidance

    Hello all and thank you for reading. I have been thinking alot about a change in career paths and my overall dream since i can remember has been to go into law enforcement, however I have a slight setback. I am on crutches and have been all my life, so I know that i could never be on patrol at all, but I do have alot of great assets on my side. First off I have a Degree in computer science and have experience in network security and management, and a vast list of other computer skills to much to list. My other asset is that I currently hold an active Q security clearance with The Department of Energy with my current job that I have and I work for the US Government and would like to stay government so that I keep seniority a bit but I just want to venture down more of a law avenue. I guess my overall questions are, number one is there any jobs out there that would or possibly fit my type of technology field in computers and still involve law enforcement? Question number two would be, if there are such positions, does anyone have any suggestions or knowledge on how to go and find out more about these positions? All info is greatly appreciated and thank you for reading.

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    There is a need for people with clean background & IT skills.

    I'd contact the FBI, USSS, etc and chat with a recruiter. Explain you situation and see if you are a good fit.

    You might also want to check out some large city departments.


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      Have you ever considered intelligence as a career? We love us some CompSci network security types. If you are Cisco certified, you're golden.
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        I would love to become sisco certified, I really need to check on that. I guess its just a class or maybe its just a straight up test I am not sure.


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          If you are an IT professional now...see if your agency will fund it (it takes a little bit of jack). But in case you were curious...check this link to see what it takes. The intel agencies snap up experience IT types with CCSP certs like it is going out of style.

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            I think all federal law enforcement agencies need IT guys. The only thing I seen in your statement was the part about you keeping some senority. You must know that when you change agencies, you lose all seniority you had. You may keep pay grade, but not seniority. The only thing you are sure to keep is your federal time served which will count on your retirement
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