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  • GL vs GS Retirement

    I'm not sure if this would be the right place to post this, if not I apologize ahead of time.

    I was just talking to a coworker, who is a 0083 on the GS scale, about both of our job searches.

    I made mention about a GL job I applied for, and he said that GS time and GL time are not the same.

    For example I will be getting out with 4 years of active military service. He says if I buy that time back into GS or GL I would have to stick with 1 or the other to retire in 20 years.

    Now this confusing with regards to series that use both. For example IEAs are GLs until they become supervisors then its GS. How does that work?

    If I lock into either GL or GS am I stuck there to retire in 20?

    If this has been asked before I didn't see it in a search of the forum. Then again I'm on my phone and limited in what I can do so I may have missed it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Don't get the pay scale and the retirement mixed up. There are people who are paid on the GS pay scale who receive the law enforcement retirement.

    GL - Employees covered by the General Schedule classification and pay system (1) who are law enforcement officers (LEOs) and (2) who receive special base rates at grades 3-10 under section 403 of the Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act of 1990 (FEPCA).
    Above grade 10, the pay scales used are identical in law enforcement and non law enforcement positions.
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      All the GL scale does is provide a bit more in pay to those who the government considers law enforcement. As TheKansan stated they are nothing more than pay scales. They have nothing to do with retirement plans. The two retirement plans your friend is referring to are 12(d) (often mis-labeled as 6(c)), and regular retirement. 12(d) retirement is designed for positions considered rigorous duty and is often mistakenly called LEO retirement. It allows for retirement at 25 years or after 20 years service and being 50 years old. The computation for this retirement is 1.7% per year of the top three years for the first 20. After that it is reduced to 1% per year.

      Regular retirement is calculated using 1% per year of your top three years. It allows for immediate retirement after serving a certain amount of time and being a minimum age. Each element is dependent on when you started working for the Feds and when you were born. Here is a link: http://www.opm.gov/retire/pre/fers/eligibility.asp

      Purchasing your military time only counts one way. It doesn't matter which retirement plan you are covered by. Military time counts for an additional 1% per year purchased and is added to the time you have served as a civilian. You can transfer from a 12(d) covered position to a non-covered position and vis-versa. I am not sure how the calculations are done going from covered to non-covered. But going from non-covered to covered is simple. You must serve the minimum time to retire under 12(d) then your non-covered time is added to your 12(d) retirement, similar to the military time. For example if you served 25 years in a covered position and 4 years in a non-covered position. You will have 39% from you covered position going to retirement. Then add the 4% from the non-covered service to bring your figure up to 43%. Next add any military time you have purchased, which if you buy all of yours would be another 4%, bringing your retirement factor to 47% of you top three years earnings.
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        Thanks! You guys cleared up alot!

        I think what he's confusing is the scales vs the retirement since 0083 for the DON is not a LE retirement job. Thanks again!


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