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    Hey yall,
    Been reading the forum for months but I just received registration confirmation. My fiance went to the region 5 interview back in January and moved on the the written test and was fingerprinted. He still has yet to hear anything in return, good or bad. I have passed along the advice to contact HR to make sure that there was not a clerical error, etc. standing in the way, however, he cannot seem to reach an actual person. Has anyone else encountered the same recorded voicemail on the recruitment # listed on the USMS website? Does anyone have a more reliable phone number or email address for an actual person that he can speak to about this? Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions and good luck to all still hanging on


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        Originally posted by gman158 View Post
        If it's any consolation, I have not being contacted since the fit test in December. These things take time, and patience. My best advice is the "no news is good news", and stay in shape. Be ready for anything! Trust me there are many people in your fiance's shoes...

        P.S. There should be a contact on your fiance's CO
        Thanks for your reply, but maybe my original post was not quite clear. What he is waiting on is his CO, and, according to posts on the region 5 forum, they went out around April 5. After his interview, he was sent along to the writing portion and was fingerprinted. Trust me, I am not trying to be naive here in thinking he got it when/if he didn't, but to not hear anything, one way or the other, leads me to think there is some issue going on (and after reading numerous posts on all the forums, various clerical errors, etc. do not seem to be uncommon, especially as they had a problem with his email to schedule his interview in the first place). So, basically, my question is, bc he has received NOTHING yet from the USMS either way, with no contact info/phone number/etc. and the recruitment number posted on the website leads him simply to an answering machine, does anyone have ANY type of contact # for someone in HR that he can speak to just to get an answer one way or the other, so we can go on with our lives? I would hate for him to have "received" a CO w/o ever really receiving it, if that makes any sense...


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          If he received a CO, it would have been an e-mail. Did he actually checked all his SPAM folder?


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            SS applicants

            This is practically nothing compared to how they screwed over the shining star folks...still can't believe some of them are STILL IN THE PIPELINE
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              Email regarding Applicant Suitability Branch (ASB)

              So after many phone calls and emails, my fiance received an email from USMS today stating:

              "Your application is currently with the Applicant Suitability Branch for review. You will be contacted with further instructions when their review is complete."

              He replied to the e-mail to see if this means that he was in fact given a CO but had never received it, or what it meant that his app was with the ASB for review.

              If anyone has any clue, idea, suggestion, or better yet, any email address or phone number of a real live person that he can speak to in order to clarify this issue, I would be forever grateful At the way this process has been going, its taken them almost 2 months to respond to any phone calls or emails regarding whether or not he was given a CO or not.

              Just to clarify, (since we've received messages from those that dont seem to get his situation)- he applied to region 5, took the written test & was fingerprinted. Most Region 5'ers received COs on or about the 1st week of April. He HAS NOT received a CO via email not has he received a letter stating he was out of the running (and yes, the Spam folder has been checked & rechecked). So I am trying to figure out if the ASB only deals with those who have in fact been given COs or if they also handle applicants that have yet to receive a CO. Any and all help is much appreciated!


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