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  • ****all Fcip Regions Please Read****

    Ok everyone. I hope to shed some light on the whole picture behind the scenes that has been taking its toll on all of us. Let me start by saying this; I am only posting this to help everyone understand what is really going on. By no means am I trying to rain on any ones parade, but I think many of you have false hope with the FCIP process. Keyz and I have put in a TON of work behind the scenes to get the information we provide. We can only share partial information as our "sources" may not appreciate us sharing everything that is passed along to us. In other words, we don't want good people to get in trouble from what they pass on to us. We try and walk the fine line of getting you enough information so you understand and also to not give so much that our sources get in trouble. Here are some facts. Please do not debate these with me. I am posting what I know from the people that know. I have the names of phone numbers of literally everyone involved with FCIP in DC. I have spoken to every one of them numerous times and have come to know the process very well. As you can see by my profile, I have been an officer for 14 years. I to gave up a lot in the hopes of being selected by the USMS, thus all the effort into figuring out why I have not been called yet. I have several political ties as well as many contacts and friends with in the Marshal Service that have been trying to get me in. SO, here goes.........

    1. Many of us already know that the BI takes the longest time. This is due to the fact that 6 over worked adjudicators are processing over 1800 back grounds. Yes, I said 1800. There are 1800 of us that were given offers of employment. Some regions like 2-3-7 were given over 300. Some of us, like mine (region 4) were given 150-200. Many of you are very good people with a ton to offer the Marshal Service. Just because your back ground is "under review" or "assigned to an adjudicator", don't be alarmed. Remember, the adjudicators are used to processing about 30 BI's a year for new employment. Now they have given the task of processing 1800 with no extra man power. It will take time. The guys/gals that have previous clearances are moved along quickly as they float to the top due to their back grounds needing very little work. So hang in there on that part.

    2. Many of the information sessions (especially the earlier ones) were given a lot of information that was not exactly right. I remember being told during mine in early 2009 that we would be hitting the academy sometime around Oct/Nov of 2009. I have come to find out that information could not have been any further from reality. We all know by now that FCIP/DC have meetings prior to an academy to decide what regions are in the "most" need. Once this is decided, then and only then will the seat assignment be determined. I have read several times people on here saying "I think this is going to be the month for us." No one knows that. If they are telling you this, they have no idea what they are talking about. The USMS determines what offices are running at what man power percentage. So if they determine a particular office is running at 67%, they will get some seats in the next academy to try and catch them up with adequate staffing that other offices have.

    3. How do they determine who goes? VERY good question. I will walk on egg shells on this one for now. I have some information I am currently working on and will let you all know when the time is right. How things are supposed to be done is this. Everyone gets a number grade. I don't have to explain this one as it had been beaten to death on here, we all know how that works. Once you get your rank (example 85%), you are placed on a list in order depending on your rank. Depending on your education and experience, it will either be the entry level 5 or 7. I am currently on the 7 list. On this list, there is Veteran Preference applicants. By Federal law, those with Veterans Preference should be getting the calls first if there added Vet points places them above those without. All those Vets are to be selected/placed first. Once all the Vets get placed or an academy seat, the list is now open to the rest of us. Now here is the problem. We all see from time to time on here that non-vets are getting calls. Once this is posted, we have many members saying "I am a Vet, I never got called." Here is the BIG issue. Everyone in DC (FCIP wise) is running their regions differently. There is no uniformity on who is getting the calls for the academy. One HR person may be following the Vet Preference to a "T", while the next is allowing specific district offices to chose who they want. I saw somewhere on here where someone in region 4 was allowed to jump ship and go to New York. There are a ton of applicants ready to go for that region. This should have never happened. No offense to the person that got that slot, it's just something that is forbidden to happen unless that region has exhausted its own list. We have also seen some of what I call "Lottery" winners on here. What I mean by that is some lower qualified applicants have gotten jobs above some Vets and other highly qualified applicants. This is due to being in the right place at the right time. The first group of people to go to the academy in each region is what I consider the lottery winners. That particular region has some very desperate offices that needs bodies ASAP. So the HR people within FCIP grabs some files and pushes them through. They don't really take the time to see who is most qualified, they just need bodies to fill slots. For example, some of you in Region 5, 7 and 8 will get calls right away. Not because you were the star of the show, because your file was in the right place at the right time. I am not knocking you by any means at all, that just the way it works. SOOOO, for many of you that don't make it in the first "wave" of hiring in your region, you are in the same boat as the rest of us. Region 7 is going to be getting quite a few bodies, so there may be a few waves for you guys/gals. That brings be to the last part I will be posting.

    4. There are 13 academies scheduled for this FY. Of those 13 (if they all go on) there are 5 remaining (not including May as it is filled.). So 8 academies have gone or are still going on at this time. 8 academies times 48 recruits= 384 DUSM's. The remaining 5 academies will produce another 240 DUSM's. That is a grand total of 624 DUSM's. I am by no means a Math whiz, but that just summed up an ENTIRE years worth of academies. Just so everyone understands, 1800 offers went out, minus 624 applicants that are or will be lucky enough to get that ever so elusive "CALL". 1800 minus 624 is 1,176 still waiting. So, the odds are stacked against us. There is no guarantee that any of us will ever see the walls of FLETC. As a matter of fact, it is more likely that we wont. The only reason I posted this is I truly feel for everyone on this board. In a strange way, I feel we all are fighting the same fight. I gambled my life and career on what I was told at the information session. It all blew up in my face and I don't want to see the same things happen to you guys/gals. I have worked tirelessly the past year, making contacts, phone calls and following up on things everyday. Many of you have come to know me well. I would never post something unless I knew it to be fact. I am sorry to all of those that don't like what I have to say. I just wanted you all to know that facts. God bless........Irish

    If you have specific questions, you can PM me. I can't guarantee that I can answer them, but I will do my best.

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    Thanks for the info. God Bless!
    Region 3 Info(Birmingham)-8/17/09
    Region 5 Info(Little Rock)-10/20/09
    Region 3 Interview(Atlanta)-10/27/09
    Region 3 T.O.-1/19/10
    EQIP Submittted-1/28/10
    Medical 1+2-2/5/10
    B.I. Interview-3/1/10
    Drug Test-6/16/10
    Fit Test-(1st)3/22/10,(2nd)8/30/10,(3rd)2/28/2011


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      Keep in mind that there are people who waited 3+ years to become DUSMs. Just because you don't get into a class this year doesn't mean you should give up hope (unless you are very near 37 years old).

      So some people were lucky and made it quicker than others. That won't even matter if you get that offer eventually. Just hang in there. I know you are pretty pessimistic with concern to your chances right now, but there is always a chance things will work out.
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        Thanks for the info Irish....pretty bleak outlook for most regions though. Good luck to all.


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          No problem.

          Kansan- I know many have waited extremely long amounts of time in the past, I understand that. My issue is that I went to the information session to learn about the process and to use that information to make an educated decision about my future. Not just my future, but my wife and kids as well. I expected a 10 month process as that's what I was told. I had no reason to doubt anything that was told to me. No one made any mention that there was so much uncertainty about the process and how it would be conducted. It was very black and white. Every person that I have spoken to pretty much agrees that this has been complete disaster from the start and that a massive over recruitment was the result. Good luck everyone.


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            Hey Irish! Thanks for posting I'll email you later... I think this post should have a *asterisk* so that the rest of the FCIP applicants can read as a precaution. Just because you took the fit does not mean you will get the call for the "next class". I took the fit test in December and am now waiting for quite frankly nothing from the USMS. Next call will probably be later in the year and it will be to re take the fit test. So hang in there people, live on as if you did not apply and be ready for when you do receive the call!

            God Bless!


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              Irish, PM sent.
              USMS FCIP REGION 4

              Interview- 7/15/09
              T/O- 8/20/09
              EQIP Submitted- 8/24/09
              Medical- Part 1 8/31/09, Part 2 9/10/09
              B.I. Interview- 9/23/09
              Drug Test- 10/22/09
              FIT Test- 12/9/09 (P/U 69; S/U 59; 1.5 mile run 8:32)
              FLETC- 5/13/10


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                Irish, good work. I'm no math whiz myself, but to help out other folks with your report, I believe that means _all things being equal_ remaining applicants have a 1 in 5.9 (just under 17%) chance of seeing an academy inside this fiscal year. By all means a math whiz may feel free to correct my math.

                Now on the unclear (as opposed to bright or dark) side of thing, basically about 1/3 of TO'd applicants got in or get in this fiscal year. As for everyone left drifting after the Oct(?) class, there is the possibility of academy dates in the next fiscal year. However, as Keyz has pointed out, there isn't much good news on that front from the USMS budget proposal for FY '11. I'm not a budget reading whiz, but I believe that report requests a total of 14 new deputy positions (because of a requested expansion in full time SOG positions, which presumably means the need for 14 non-SOG deputies). If that's true, then the bleak p.o.v. would suggest very few academies in FY '11 to accommodate natural retirement and other attrition within the agency.

                I suppose there's the possibility all the hypothetical "67% staffed offices" may have been operating short staffed despite there being funding in the agency. That is, it's not that the USMS can not afford to operate offices at 100%, it's just that they haven't the manpower, hence the big recruiting drive. If that's the case, there may be more classes implied within the USMS FY '11 budget due to the need to bring as many offices up to full staffed levels. I think that may be overly optimistic thinking and isn't something I'd put too much faith in until someone who's put in a lot more study than I have chimes in.

                Also to clarify about veterans preference. The "list" gives candidates numeric scores, with points for veterans status factored into that score. So basically after points are assigned, like a lot of civil service jobs, it just comes down to points - except in instances of a tie where the hiring office is told to go with the veteran. So it is possible for non-vets with very high scores to get academy assignments over a vet who did not attain as high a score, despite his/her vet points. In other words, vets don't go first "no matter what." Is this a correct interpretation, clarifying the "I'm a vet and didn't get my call" complaint?
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                  Ironically, I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday. I agree with pretty much everything you posted, as it is pretty much the same information that I have gather over the past year, except for the actual numbers. I figured that they sent out A LOT more CO's to candidates that there actual spots for, which is definitely not unusual with the G. There is absolutely no question that this whole process could have been handled better, and I know that some USMS personnel know and agree with this. I know how hard the waiting is and how difficult it is trying to live your life as if you never applied. In my personal experience this is almost impossible to do, specially if you have a family to consider and take care off. The thought that there may be a lot of applicatants that complete the process that are not picked up, really sucks and is a bit unfair when you think about all the time, money, and effort that we have all put into this opportunity, but what can you do? at least we have an opportunity to be selected to do something that we love, even if our chances are realistically bleak. All we can do now is hope for the best, and see what happens. Also, lets remember that everyone who has completed the process is qualified to be a DUSM, there may be other people more qualified waiting that do not get picked up but none the less, so let's try to be supportive for those that do get the call. Best of luck to all of us and here is to hoping that we all get to FLETC at some point in time.


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                    I think we also have to take into account that not everyone makes it through the entire process. There have been applicants that have failed the fit exam, and were not cleared medically. There are also some that won't pass background for numerous reasons including credit. It won't balance out the number of the offers sent out in the beginning compared to the wash out, but it helps. I just have the mentality that if it's meant to happen it will
                    Written Exam: 8-20-2010
                    NOR: 8-25-2010 (93)
                    TO: 9-10-2010
                    PFT1/Medical: 11-9-2010
                    OB: 11-28-2010
                    Drug Test: 2-2-2011
                    BI Interview: 4-19-2011
                    The call: 7-8-11 (Douglas, Az)
                    EOD: 7-28-11

                    TO: 6-15-2011
                    PFT1: 7-8-2011


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                      Irish is pretty close to his summation of the process. If you are a 10 point vet you have a much better chance of getting a slot (even if the Marshal wants someone else).

                      As for his numbers- lets just say there were 1800 offers of employement for 624 slots- how many passed the BI ? How many passed the FIT? How many passed the physical? How many took other jobs and are no longer interested? How many washed out current clases?

                      As for people being selected for regions that they did not apply for- I would suggest contacting HR and "volunteering" to go to any district anywhere.

                      Also as I've posted before, the Marshal gets a list of names to choose from (sometimes up to 40) So, if I were you I'd visit the office you want to work in. (wear a suit and tie). ( Just be realistic- a small district doesn't have a huge turnover and will have fewer vacancies than a large district). The Marshal can pick anyone on the list ( unless HR pressures him to take the Vet- which they will).

                      No classes have been cut. There will also be a ton of retirements within the next five years- me being one of them.

                      Good luck- keep the faith and stay in shape.
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                        Thank you for all the time and energy you have put into this to get us the information we need. I know for alot of us with little or no LE experience or contacts would never be able to get close to the info you gathered. At least now we can make an informed decision as to our future. I guess if taking the FIT every 6 months to stay on the books is the only thing I need to do now it's worth it. I just have to go on with life, for my families sake.

                        Welcome to G work I guess, Thanks again.


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                          Anyone PM me a VALID and WORKING # for HR. I've been trying to get through for an address change anyway so I might as well try using DUSM's suggestion.



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                            Glider, if you get that number can you send it over to me? I am looking at getting a new phone number. Thanks!


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                              Originally posted by Glider23 View Post
                              Anyone PM me a VALID and WORKING # for HR. I've been trying to get through for an address change anyway so I might as well try using DUSM's suggestion.

                              As for DUSM's suggestion it is impossible from what HR People told me. I have been told numerous times from people in the FCIP process you are only able to be placed in the Regions that you attended the information sessions. I told them I would be willing to go anywhere and received this anwser back. "you can be placed anywhere in Region 6 only".

                              Some people will take this information and say it means nothing. Think of it what you will. This puts everything into perspective. Irish thanks buddy!

                              If I am not able to get in before October. It is back to the drawing board for me. Good luck!
                              Information Session: May 2009
                              Interview: Jun 2009
                              Medical Cleared: Dec 2009
                              BI Cleared: Jan 2010
                              Fit: Passed: Jan 2010/Jun 2010
                              FLETC: 07/29/2010

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