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Future w/ USMS/DEA Hurt?


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  • Future w/ USMS/DEA Hurt?

    This isn't the typical "I killed a judge accidentally and then transported the body while under the influence and got pulled over." I've been in Army ROTC for about three years, but last semester failed Chemistry (math+me = bad) and they considered it a breach of my contract and took my scholarship.

    They consume most of my time paying me enough to almost eat on, and thats all I receive. I've worked fire/EMS for a few years and am currently part-time with PD. I'm dis enrolling from ROTC (I just pay back the 1.5 semesters they paid) which lets me graduate on time, and I'm going full time with the Sheriff's Dept while finishing my degree.

    Once I complete my Criminology degree I'm going to start on my masters in Criminal Justice or Public Admin. Then after this I intend to apply to the USMS or DEA depending on the cycle.

    Would I stand much of a chance from dropping ROTC and having no further military training other than what I gained from them? Thanks for any feedback. I really want to set myself in a direction to be happy and also have a chance to achieve a goal.

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    You're fine if you continue your path assuming your background is clean.


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      If we all were punished for flunking a class in college......

      I wouldn't sweat it. Seems a bit harsh by the ROTC unless your entire GPA is sub-par. In which case, if you have below a 3.0 GPA when you graduate...then you don't qualify most places. Get a tutor, and keep marching on.
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        You're fine. Just be prepared to answer, because you will be asked about it. I have a few "W" on my record for withdraw and I get asked about it often.

        I laugh and say, think of the "W" meaning "war" and not withdraw. I was deployed to Iraq and dropped out of school for a while. My school records dont say that so they assume I just dropped out and drank it up or something


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          Did that take your GPA below an acceptable level? Either way, I wouldn't worry about it.


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            GPA took a hit this year because the third year of ROTC (at least here) takes up any free time had and our PMS told us ROTC should come before school....yet when our GPA suffers we get the boot.

            My overall is a 2.65 I believe and this semester I've been cutting out from ROTC to keep up with classes so I plan to be back up or very damn close to a 3.0 to meet that requirement.

            And yes, record is clean. No murder charges, tickets, etc. Thanks for the feedback! It's a hard decision to dis enroll just because I feel like a failure doing so, but the thought of being able to focus on school/work makes me very happy.


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              You won't be the first person in history to drop out of a ROTC program.


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                ROTC is not a commission until you graduate. I took a couple semesters of ROTC in college, decided it wasn't for me at that time, and haven't had any issues in getting hired (at the local and federal levels).


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                  Good way to look at it Kimble. I kept thinking it was more me quitting and being and looking like a wimp, but it is more trying it and deciding its not what I want to do with my life.

                  Thanks for the feedback all. I'm going to continue working on school, masters, and then working at my department until being able to get on board elsewhere.


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