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    I have a question about my background with my traffic violations. I am 23 years old, working full time as security and going to school online for a CJ Bachelors degree. With that said, from 2006, I have multiple violations. Two no safety checks, one no front license plate, one speeding, one not stoping at a red light, and two disregarding stop signs. Although these are not serious violations or crimes like selling dope, using crack, etc., I know it shows a blatant disregard for traffic laws.

    I took a pre-questionnaire for LAPD and my traffic violations came up as a red flag. It said to wait 2 years til I apply which I will for any agency I apply to, but I also heard that after a certain number of years, your violations are wiped clean off your regard. Is this true?

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    Some agencies don't care. I got between 4 and 5 seatbelt violations several years ago ( btw 4 - 6 )

    Secret Service just laughed and said "Do you have problems wearing your seat belt?" I have since driven in several motorcades as the lead/tail car with them...

    ATF didn't care.

    ICE didn't care.

    DEA - I received the thin letter, which Im appealing, based on their reason: 'excessive moving violations.'

    US Marines didnt care.

    As far as I know it is never wiped from your record completely. Mine were brought up from 4+ years ago. The only thing you can do now is prove yourself as a safe driver. I havent gotten any violations in years, perhaps this is why I was given a chance for past jobs or current application processes. Youre driving record is a little worse than mine, but with time you should be ok I hope!
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      I have 2 moving violations will that hurt my fed leo process?
      Exam: 12/10
      NOR: 1/25/10
      Qualifications: (GS-7)
      T.O: 5/25/11 (Georgia)
      PFT1: 6/11 (Cleared)
      B.I.: 6/11 (Started)
      Medical: 7/11 (Cleared)
      VBT & S.I.: 7/11(Cleared)
      Drug Test: 8/11 (Cleared)
      B.I.: 9/11 (Cleared)
      PFT2: (rescheduled due to high BP)


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        It will depend on how many violations, their frequency, and how long has it been since you last received one.
        Keep in mind that the people that handle BI's (OPM) are contractors, not the agency, and they go by certain guidelines for adjudicating your clearance. Moving violations or a fair amount of traffic citations will be a red flag in their guidelines (it shows disregard for the law) and hence counts against you, as silly as it may sound to some of us that have never committed a crime... and only have had traffic violations in their past. They will pull your driving history report which is 10 yrs long, your driving record on the other hand is only a couple of years or how ever long your points are affected...
        Traffic violations for the LAPD is especially important since you will be at some point enforcing traffic laws... This is where the term "lead by example" comes into play.
        Drive safe, keep it clean for a few years, and try again then.
        Good Luck!
        Written: 08/29/2007
        EOD: July 11, 2011


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