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  • do i have a chance

    i wanted to apply as a police officer in the state of MD rockville city or mongtomery county police,im 21 years old,i dont do drugs and i have a very good job now at a HQ of a fortune 500 company in a good position.Back when i was 17/18 i had a ebay account that i let my friends use and during that time they sold a couple of things and never sent the items in,so 1 thing let to another i was in court for theft less the 500 the case was dropped (nolle prosequi) and i got it expunged.I also got a driving without a DL and no insurance.I had insurance so it was dropped and i paid the ticket for the driving without DL so its all good now.I was a police explorer at 1 time and a intern.All that stuff is in the past and on the right path now.so can someone give me some good news

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    1. Before applying work on your use of the English language.

    2. These types of posts are up on the forum often. I usually repsond yes, however, I do not think you have much of a chance (if you are a real person and this is not a joke). Stealing a toy car from Target is one thing... setting up accounts on Ebay and not shipping the items is another. It doesn't matter in the law's eyes if you or your friends did it... it's your account. You obviously knew they had access. A background investigation will bring up all of that stuff and the outcome usually does not matter. You still will be polygraphed and investigated for it.

    The best thing you can do now is have a perfect record and slowly prove yourself as an honest and productive citizen to this nation. This still may not be enough...


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      ok so there is no chance I will every become a police officer,just because of those little things.I hear different for other people even police officers within the department i wish to apply for,the charge was a misdemeanor and dropped

      ps the original post I wrote was from a iphone and i have about 2mins to write so i know there were alot of mistakes


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        Originally posted by subarucop View Post
        ps the original post I wrote was from a iphone and i have about 2mins to write so i know there were alot of mistakes
        So... you wrote your reply from iphone as well? If you are considering LE as a career take pride and care in everything relating to it including research. You never know if at any point in future you'll be interviewed by someone that identifies you and your post......


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          Yes you still have a chance. Give time in between any problems with the law and applying. Stay out of trouble! I personally don't think someone should be a cop if they took money for a service or good they did not provide though But - don't let me be the judge.

          It will be tough. The only way to 'not have a chance' includes charges of domestic violence or felonies.

          Any past offenses make it harder.


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            thanks formerusssnusmc thats your opinion,your just speaking the truth.The whole incident was basically miscommunication,most of the items were shipped,we just lost count and shipped the wrong items.We had alot of good feedback.That was back in 05/06,since then i never got in trouble,i always had a job,just a straight edge kid.Its says on the website Applicants cannot become a police officer in the State of Maryland if they have:

            a. Ever committed, been involved in or convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor.

            would this be considered as a serious misdemeanor.


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              I'm not sure.. Thats up to an investigator and hiring panel. There is no definition for serious misdemeanor. You will notice later in life reasons for using such language. It gives them the opportunity (which they should have)to remove those in the process who pass all minimum requirements but 'aren't really good enough' or would be the 'wrong' kind of person for the job or who likely cannot be trusted to stay clean.

              I think that might lean more serious - but its up to each department to guage if thats serious or not.

              Again, you still have a chance, but you will have a lot of work to do! Best thing to do, keep volunteering at departments and other work. Show that you're not a criminal even though you did stupid stuff in your past. Actions speak louder than words do.


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                thanks man you have been a great help.This is what i needed to hear some real cold hard facts.I was going to apply sometime in september,in the mean time i am gonna do like you said and volunteer at the department,show them this is what i really wanna do....

                thanks i will let you know how things work out


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