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A job overseas - Patrol Officer


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  • A job overseas - Patrol Officer

    I know the job market is tight out there so I am writing this to provide another potential opportunity.

    I am currently working in this position so I have first hand knowldege of the workings of the job and its location.

    Kwajalein Police Department provides law enforcement services for the US Army on Kwajalein Atoll and is usually looking for people.
    • U.S. Citizen.
    • Graduate of Military Police School (Any Branch) or
    • Graduate of a US POST Certified Police Academy.
    • 2 1/2 years of Law Enforcement Experience (Military or Civilian)experience must be within the past 10 years.
    • Eligible for a SECRET Security Clearance.
    • Successfully complete a Pre-employment Physical Examination and Drug Screen.
    • Meet Department of Defense Height and Weight requirements.
    • Successfully complete a Physical Fitness Agility Test.
    Willing to deploy unaccompanied for a minimum of one (1) year.

    A link to the company web page on this job listing is:


    If you are interested and would like some first hand information feel free to contact me. I have been here for 9 months now and have pictures and info that would help.

    Pay and benefits are good, completion bonus, direct deposit, room and meals paid for, etc.

    Please contact me by private message or e-mail and I can shed some light on the position. I like it, tough being without family, but it is paying the bills and providing health insurance. Better then being unemployed.
    Plus - life on a tropical island, something not everyone can say they did!!

    Spome pics
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/
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    I got a friend who did fire department there. Whats the pay like for cops?


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      No Costco.

      No Starbucks.

      No Way.
      Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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        Yeah it is true there is no Wal mart, or starbucks. :-)

        I know some guys here that have no overhead in the states, car, house, utilities etc and they have put some $$$ away in a few years.


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          Looks like a pretty sweet Gig.. be a nice year long vacation perhaps?

          for a dude that has never even seen the ocean


          it would be hela experience.. haha
          "What the problem is?"


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            Just out of sheer curiosity, Id love to hear about what a day is like out there in the middle of the Pacific!! What all can you possibly get to do and see while there? Do you get to come back to the mainland anytime during your tours?? Sounds like a great gig for a single, young officer, which means Im out!!!
            Matthew 5:9 "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be known as the children of God."


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              This describe it?

              google search:

              "What the problem is?"


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                There are different opinions on all things in this world. Take the time to educate yourself on things and don't believe every thing you read on the internet. As cops we know that.


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                  +1 ^^

                  Go in with right attitude and expectations...live the good life while the rest of us suckers are shoveling snow all winter.


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                    Bring a deck of cards...and a Wilson volleyball.


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                      Been to Kwaj..... don't want to go back.
                      I make my living on Irish welfare.


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                        That "Officer" was fired for being an idiot...and has been fired from other security jobs overseas.....

                        Please, take everything he says with a BIG grain of salt....

                        Anyone wants to know more about there...ask me as well..... I helped the OP get out there and know folks out there.... And just hung out with a couple of their people that were had been sent here to Hawaii for DARE School.....


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                          yeah some the stuff that guy said sounded like he has some personal psychological issues.

                          would seem like a pretty good gig for a year or so.
                          "What the problem is?"


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                            Originally posted by DubyaB View Post
                            What all can you possibly get to do and see while there?

                            Kwaj is an active duty Army base that has 3 islands with people on it and several that have equipemnt on them. There are approximately 2000 people out there. ChiefCop is up on one of the smaller Islands....

                            Day to day....Depends where you are at. They do US Customs Missions at the Docks and Entry Point, TSA Mission at the Entry Point, patrol the island and respond for calls for service, run radar, do bike patrols, have a K-9, DARE, Investigations, and Training section.....

                            Money....not sure. Have to ask ChiefCop what pay is now. Have to remember that it's not a combat zone, so you won't be making a million bucks. They feed you, put you up in an apartment, and take care of your uniforms.

                            There is a Subway/Burger King, a couple of clubs, a PX, and a grocery store there..... plus a bakery, snack bar, and the chow hall.

                            They are in the process of putting fiber optic lines in which means in the very near future, there will be highspeed internet and cable TV coming.....

                            They have a ton of boats, fishing, outdoor rec, a bowling alley, salt water swimming pool, and team sports year round.....

                            Also, on Kwaj and Roi (where ChiefCop is at) there are WW2 stuff there to see.....

                            On the island that all of the local employees come from, there isn't much there...and it's a 3rd World Slum. US has poured tons of money into the place and it gets squandered and/or used to line pockets of the local politicians.

                            Originally posted by DubyaB View Post
                            Do you get to come back to the mainland anytime during your tours??
                            You get a 6 month break and they will fly you to Hawaii. If you want to farther, it's on your dime. When you do your year, you get a bonus for doing the full year. Only taxes that come out are what the Marshallese Gov takes out......

                            I did a year there...and had a blast.... I know guys/gals that have been out there 3-7 years or longer....saving money...hanging out in the Pacific.....

                            The job is what it is. If you go out there expecting to kick in doors, bust meth heads, make 100s of arrests......don't go. You won't last long.

                            If you want to take a vacation from life, hang out in a very nice part of the world, make/save some money....go for it....


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                              Originally posted by Red Swan View Post
                              yeah some the stuff that guy said sounded like he has some personal psychological issues.

                              would seem like a pretty good gig for a year or so.
                              Some of us went to his website to rebut what he was saying/claiming and he banned us.....and/or edited our stuff and left it up for a while...then took it down.

                              He's got a ton of issues. If you look at the pics he posts....a lot of them are of young boys..... Hmmmmm.....

                              One of the reasons he was made to go bye-bye.....


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