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    I know I could probably do some research on the internet and get the answer, but I thought someone on here may already know.

    Can you roll your time from a state retirement into your government retirement?

    04/2008 - test
    06-03-2009 - interview
    09/2009 - TO
    10-23-2009 - Drug test
    10-28-2009 - medical
    11-24-2009 - background interview
    12-19-2009 - not medically cleared
    01-12-2010 - faxed in my medical follow up report
    02-01-2010 - the CALL

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    I have never seen it. Agencies ARE doing a lot of different things regarding hiring these days in order to attract better candidates, but the best answer will be from the HR person at the agency you hope to work for.

    I'm inclined towards the negative, mainly because I know it doesn't work the other way around (can't transfer fed time to a state).
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      Nope. Unless you are talking about your 401k then yes but your time, no. You start from day one.


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        Yes, maybe. As SHU stated you can not purchase your state time in the annuity section of the federal retirement. If your state retirement has a cash value and it is a qualified retirement program, which I'd wager it is, then you can rollover the cash value into the TSP portion of the federal retirement the same as any other 401 or IRA type retirement.
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