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  • Could it help me? (Fed NR LE)

    I am trying to get into natural resources law enforcement and will be graduating at the end of the year with my BA. I have gone on ride alongs with BLM, USFS, USFWS and state game wardens. Some of the federal officers I have ridden with have said that it would be a good idea to get my EMT-B, Red Card (wild land firefighter), and wilderness first responder certification and that they think it would help me out during the hiring process. However some other officers have said that it would be just a big waste of $

    So my question for you guys (especially those who are/have worked for a fed natural resource agency) is would getting those certifications I mentioned really help me out in landing a fed NR LE gig with those agencies I mentioned above? And if so, are there any other classes/certifications I should pursue that could help me out? Thanks!

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    Well, I'm an EMT-B. I don't think it hurt to have. I'm with the USFWS now. My last federal L.E. agency paid for it and I worked under medical direction in an organized EMS program. USFWS was willing to pay for my re-cert. but it is not required for the job. I'm starting with the USFS this month. They never even asked about it.

    I plan to keep my cert. but first-aid/AED/CPR is all I need. I am going to upgrade to a Wilderness EMT-B cert. this year. This is more for me then anything else. I think that the only N/R agency that requires it is NPS. USFWS, USFS, and BLM, TVA, NOAA don't require it(someone please correct me if I'm wrong).

    If you are not working under medical direction in an organized EMS program then you are limited anyway. When I got the EMT-B cert., it was paid for by my agency and I worked an area that had a lot of medical calls, heat emergencies, search & rescues and hwy. Vehicle accidents. I worked mostly on/around the hwy.

    Working with the USFWS, I'm in the back country by my self and am not using my EMT-B skills a lot. All my work has been back-country ATV patrol, game warden work and river patrol. It may be different when I transfer later this month. Every area you work can be different.

    In short, it is a good skill to have(if you keep it up), but if you are doing it just as a resume builder, then think about it before spending your money (about $600.00 to $800.00). If your goal is NPS, then go for it. Bottom line, it can't hurt.

    Good luck
    In God we trust, everyone else we search!


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