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Blm Bor 1811 Slc?


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  • Blm Bor 1811 Slc?

    Anyone???? Not looking for info so much, but anyone else in the running?
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    Sometimes acronyms make communication faster, other times it makes others unable to tell what the heck you're talking about.


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      If you applied for the position you would know what the acronyms stand for. There was a reason for it.

      I was looking for anyone that was referred to the selecting official. The announcement closed already and I wanted to see if anyone has found out anything else.

      GB, check PM's.
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        I applied for one of these jobs in the past, but withdrew when offered an interview because I had already taken another job. It was a GS-13 and was not designed as an entry-level position due to the overall nature of the work, dealing with not only different kinds of agencies but different kinds of crimes - both natural resource-related and general. They were looking for a 13 with that level of experience, but a senior 13 at that. In BLM, SAC's are 13's, if that gives you any indication.

        Sometimes you get more feedback by being more descriptive, even for people who know what the acronyms mean. I almost skipped by the title of the thread because it looked like gibberish, so Kimble has a good point.
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        "Sir, does this mean that Ann Margaret's not coming?"


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          thx for the advice. I added a sentence to my original post. I am looking to see if anyone else has applied and what their status is/was


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              Think water rights (mainly in the western states), safeguarding gov't-financed water projects like dams, associated crimes like contractor fraud, vandalism, theft....that sort of thing. That's not real specific - just some of the things I dug up when I was looking at this job and talking to people in the know.

              Also other crimes covered by BLM on lands that have been "reclaimed" due to damming and associated projects. One example is the investigation of the poaching of wild horses on BLM land via the Wild Horse and Burro Act, as well as - I would imagine - crimes falling under ARPA (Archaeological resource Protection Act) like robbing native burial sites. Done some ARPA work in my current agency and it's pretty cool stuff - like CSI for a 'crime scene' (for lack of a better term) that is 1,000 years old.
              "Sir, does this mean that Ann Margaret's not coming?"


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