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  • Need some advice for background

    I'm applying to several different agencies at the moment. My problem is that I accepted a job in the meantime, to pay the bills until I get picked up by an agency and I seem to have made a mistake in accepting the job.

    The company is run terribly, and management is underhanded and manipulative. I've been there for a week now and 2 people have been fired, and 1 doesn't know if he still has a job. They've given the employees the warning "watch yourself because there's going to be big changes in the company". They don't give reasons when they fire someone so nobody ever really knows the grounds for their termination, and the longest currently employed person that works there has only been there for 8 months.

    My problem is that I don't even want to be involved with this type of company when I'm going to be going through background checks. I was turned down from an agency before because I was fired from a job back in 2003. I don't want to give this company the chance to screw up any of my background checks by firing me for some fly-by-night circumstance, or for no reason at all. But if I quit, its also going to look bad on my background checks because it will look like I'm jumping from job to job; because I've had a couple temp/contract jobs over the past 2 years or so.

    I need advice on what I should do with this company. And if there's any background investigators or recruiters that are on this site, their input would be greatly appreciated. Right now I'm documenting everything that happens to anybody in the company every day that I work. I figure it won't help much but at least it's something.
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    I'm not a recruiter.

    My adviced is based on life experience- you must provide for your family (if applicable) and have a sense of stability. I would think an explanation of the circumstances to a department would give them a sense of why you made the choices.

    What I would do? I would set up another job and give that work your 2 weeks notice. Sure it doesn't look great to leave after 3 weeks (or a month by the time you set up a job), but I'd note an instablity in the workplace left you wondering if you can set food on the table, and you had to make a decision to ensure your financial security.

    Don't just walk out, give them the respect of a proper notice, and pray for the best. I don't want to work for a place that is insecure or I feel is not going to benifet me in any way.

    Take my advice with a grain of salt and best of luck to you.


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      I would tell them my aunt Mary is sick and I have to go to Columbus to take care of her asap. I would not risk my future in an environment like that. I was in that same situation 10 years ago. I did not have a family though. But I say, get out of there dude.


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        The only issue with saying your Aunt is sick and lying is that now you lied to an employer and that WILL come up on your background. Combine lying to an employer with a termination already, and it doesn't look very good.

        What you could do is get a job like serving (which makes good money) or security guard, or that has some sort of a night job. That way, you can tell your current employer that you have to take a job that will free up your days to fufill application processes (i.e. backgrounds, oral boards, etc). You can tell your current job you wanted to do the honorable thing by letting them know that you didn't want to waste their time, and you appreciate the opportunity.
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          It would not being lying if good ole aunt Mary was with the plan.


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            Isn't that exactly what lying is? Even if you get alibis, when you're strapped up to a polygraph and they're asking have you ever lied to an employer to quit, or quit in lieu of termination, and you think "No, but I guess technically I did because...." your body WILL react and polygraphs look for your body's reactions, not the truth.

            I guess we'll have to agree to disagree-

            To me, Law enforcement is about honesty and integrity...period. A city/county/state, or Federal LE agency is trusting you to enforce the law, and if you lie to get there, are you really better?

            We have all had a job like yours, moocow16, and if you deal with your employer with respect and honesty, it will show in both your background/poly. If you don't, or you quit with a hint of lying (or fibbing, or getting someone to agree to "play" sick) YOU will know, and it will show on your background/poly.

            SHU is in Law Enforcement, and I am not, so again take my advice with a grain of salt. I have been through the application process a lot. I've learned full disclosure on everything, regardless of what you fear may disqualify is required.

            Good luck.
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              I would give them your two weeks and get the hell out of there. I've done it.


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                  I think as long as your honest and disclose your history, it makes you more of a trustworthy applicant. Just continue to be honest, appear confidant, and show you've learned from the sitation. Learn to portray that in every situation, good or bad, you've learned a lesson to better yourself and how to prevent the bad from again occuring in the future.
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