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    What are agencies that run credit history looking for? Are they looking at it objectively or is it if you can't get a loan you can't get a job?

    There's a difference between someone who just doesn't pay his bills and someone who lost his job due to the economy.

    Can someone with some knowledgeable insight share?
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    what I know from my experiance is that, not getting a loan doesn't mean your not a reliable person, crap happens..if you owe money and aren't paying your a "No Go". If you have debt with a pay plan and explanation for the debt and its not a crazy amount of cash you should be ok. Also if you held multiple jobs over the past few yrs., without holding one down it will affect the outcome along with the things mentioned above.

    outstanding to the Govt, in anyway shape or form, "No Go"....\

    Good Luck,
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      It depends on the agency. With the federal government you are given an opportunity to explain why the debt is late, what you intend to do about it and how you intend to not let it happen again. If your explanation is acceptable then you are good to go. If your explanation is unbelievable then expect to be dropped.

      Personal opinion here: When the recent economic meltdown is done and recovery has begun I would expect those without financial issues to be picked up first, then those who had issues to be hired later. I don't think having the financial issues will be a black mark for too long because so many people had issues and this has been the worst economy in many years. I think the difference between those hired first and those hired second will be a matter of months or weeks.
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