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    The vast majority of people don't know and don't care what goes on at our country's borders. Even less know there is a difference between the guys in blue at the ports and the guys in green running around in the desert; to include the media and many of our elected officials.

    This show isn't bad so far and might get some people to open their eyes, some might even decide that looks like something they'd like to do someday. Most people though are sheeple and will be watching jersey shore or american idol instead...


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      Originally posted by SHU View Post
      And 7 PAs have to write memos because they crashed in the snow. How is life treating you over there?
      I count how many boxcars have graffiti on them when they go by.

      So yea, REAL busy over here.
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        Originally posted by zeoc View Post
        Does anyone have any idea when there will be a new announcement open for Border Patrol Agent or CBP Officer?

        2010 does not look good even for the CBPO's in the pipeline. Consider getting your foot in the door as a Sector Enforcement Specialist. I can't speak for the people in green.

        Good Luck.
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          Originally posted by USMC0844 View Post
          Wouldn't a recruiting tool actually imply that they were attempting to do some hiring?
          Why would it?...
          GEO - NY/JFK
          TEST - 03/08 (NOR: 04/08)

          TO - 01/09
          PE Forms - Completed
          Fitness - Completed
          VBT - 03/09 - Completed
          Drug Screen - Completed
          Qual - 05/09 - Completed
          B.I. - 05/09 - Completed
          Medical - 05/09 - Completed

          EOD: ???
          FLETC: ???


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            Any new CBPO/BPA hiring announcement that might pop up in the near future would be targeting new hires for late 2010 through early 2012. It really wouldn't have all that much relation with current hiring trends or today's TSU.


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              Originally posted by sap123 View Post
              It's a great recruiting tool, but sadly isn't what I'd call the real thing for some employees.

              Here's what my episode would start out like: "THIS WEEK ON BORDER WARS: IDENT AND E3 GO DOWN!"

              Inside joke for the employees I guess.
              Haha, that's so true! I caught some dope 2 hrs into my AUO the other day and E3 was Down! Also If I am able to catch the dope at midnight, why cant the AUSA be awake and let me know if they can take the case at midnight!
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              Originally posted by Michigan
              I don't want to sound gay...

              But I'd do him.
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