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Recent College Grad, Some direction?


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  • Recent College Grad, Some direction?

    (Admin, if there is a more appropriate sub-forum for my post, you can please relocate, thank you.)

    As a recent College Graduate finding a job has been somewhat challenging. I AM managing to save money and pay bills with three part-time jobs, while waiting on news from two different agencies (NYPD, 90% on test; and CT State Police, 92% on test and waiting for Polygraph results from Nov.) but as you all can imagine, I am becoming somewhat impatient.

    A few opportunities have presented themselves however, and I would like some advice from the forum because, quite frankly, this is my best resource right now.

    I am considering the National Guard. Should I join now and go through my basic and MOS training? How do departments and municipalities look upon such a commitment? Should I wait to hear back from CT State?
    --> The Military is something I have always wanted to do in my life, but I do not want to throw away my chances of getting into the next academy class because of my National Guard monthly commitment.

    There are also 2 or 3 positions open for Dispatcher in my town. I know it definitely could not hurt to apply, so I am in the process of doing so right now.
    -->Again, should I join the Guard first and apply once I am back from basic with the hopes that a position will still be open? Or should I apply first and in a few months pursue the Guard?

    I know I have many questions, but I greatly respect all of your opinions and experience. Perhaps there are some of you who are in the Guard and also Officers who could guide me.

    Thank you for your advice, I look forward to reading your responses.

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    My advice to u is wait on CT police and NYPD to get back to u IF thats what u really want to do. Whats the rush, besides not having money I can understand that. Sounds like u made it far in the process so a few more months wont kill you. You will have to learn patience when applying for these jobs as most take 66 months plus to get hired.
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      If you are thinking federal, BOP has openings right now for correctional officers. BOP would be a good starting point for someone like you or me. I am also a recent college grad,09... I was lucky enough to start the border patrol process at that time, I'm done with all the steps, just waiting for an academy date.


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