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1811 Armed vs Unarmed


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    Originally posted by ICEAGENT View Post
    I don't think the unarmed 1811 positions do any substantive enforcement actions. I REALLY don't think any agency would expect an agent to make arrests and conduct search warrants unarmed. The unarmed agencies probably do more administrative investigations and not very much criminal. I would imagine if they got anything that really needed enforcement action they would bring in another agency.
    To piggy-back off ICEAGENT's post, many federal investigators that are not 1811's are unarmed, so investigative work in itself doesn't require law enforcement authority. While 1811 is the job series for criminal investigator, and most crimes include the possibility for violence, in some unique positions the opportunity to do enforcement action isn't there. You won't expect this with agent positions with ATF, DEA, Secret Service, etc, however, these 1811 positions are vested with law enforcement authority (arrest, search/seizure, etc), which can be dangerous.

    "But Kimble, you're saying there can be 1811 positions that don't do enforcement actions?" While rare and unique, it happens. CIA has criminal investigators it its Office of Inspector General (they aren't 1811's in job series, but work criminal/fraud cases, and take no follow-up action since most of their work - as I understand it, as I've never worked with them - ends up with adminstrative actions vice judicial). The same can be true for outfits like the Library of Congress 1811's, or 1811's with the Office of Inspector General for the Corporation for National and Community Service. These agents work criminal cases, but don't take follow-up enforcement actions because it's not necessary in the environments they work, they don't provide public safety or service to the public.

    However, as said above, the vast majority of 1811 positions are criminal investigators and law enforcement officers.
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