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    thanks Up on Base, will do. I probably should have thought of that myself. Guess that's what i get for relying on forums for info all the time


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      Sea Girt

      In the past NJSP at Sea Girt would also train municipal classes. With the general freeze in hiring and the fact that local Chiefs didn't like that candidates they sent there would drop out at much higher rates than at the local county schools NJSP muni classes may not going thru at this time.

      Your best bet is to attend a Q/A at Division Hq presented by recruiting Troopers from their various regions.

      " NJSP recruit" has a good site for information and sites, dates, and most important a Trooper that has your county as his primary responsibility to recruit good people.

      The last group of people for a class did the physical first and then the written. That is a departure from the past and you should ask which is first.
      The written was a standard multiple choice SAT/ACT type test, if you passed you were moved along into the physical, but that may have changed. The physical is shown on the NJSP recruit site. It too has been changed to be less challenging for the smaller applicants (women for example).

      Don't shoot the messanger for tellling the truth about the changes to allow certain parts of society to pass and become Troopers.


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        Is there a video portion during the written exam? If so, what does it entail? Where are the physical agility tests usually, sea girt? Is there a processing weekend or do they have everyone in one step at a time. Thanks in advance.


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          I "STRONGLY" suggest in the loudest SHOUT possible to review the ENTIRE site: NJSP Recruit.

          That and going to the Q & A's around the state will give you the ability to ask questions and understand answers from some Trooper that has his job description "Recruiter".
          The Q & A's are now listed on the site, USE them.

          ALSO NOTE the pre-employment educational and job experience REQUIREMENTS, they are not flexible, if you don't meet them, apply the next time when you do.

          IN THE PAST; The written test was written, a standard SAT/ACT multiple choice computer corrected test with a No 2 pencil and put the dots in the right circle.
          IN THE PAST; The physical test was given at Sea Girt.
          IN THE PAST; Processing was done in stages, pass a stage, move along, flunk a stage bye. Things do change in NJSP, but very slowly (see the long sleeve wool shirt still for the Summer Class A uniform). The last round of testing started with the PT part stage and then the written stage and was the first time that was done, for example. That was a BIG change for NJSP, what's the diff ?
          If that is the way it will be done again, go site/Q & A for more up to date info.


          Relying on this site and the old geezers like me that are not up to date/speed and the others not in the "know" is the recipe for failure.

          Good luck, I do suggest if you want State Police type jobs, there are a lot of good outfits out there that do hire from time to time. Pennsy, Maryland, NYSP (no testing at this time), the New England States, Highway Patrols below the Mason/Dixon line are hiring and putting Acadamies thru from time to time. Applying to multiple positions expands you chances and maybe your options as I was told that 30,000 took the NJSP written test when I went thru and 54 eventually graduated that class. About 15,000 PASSED the latest NYSP test that was given around 2 years ago, so you see why you need multiple chances to get the spot.


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            I was in the last process so this is what I know.

            Last time the physical fitness test was done first.
            Agility Run, Pushups, Situps, and 1.5 mile run. This was done in West Trenton.

            If you pass that you moved onto the written which was a video scenerio test. I think there was another part that was not video but I can not remember. They had two locations Rutgers New Brunswick, and Camden.

            Then it came to the luck of the draw to move onto the background. Unfortunately, like most I was not contacted for this.


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              It is long and exhausting, usually there are ten's of thousands attempting to enter "The Outfit".

              Try again, you may do better.
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                so anyone have any ideas when they might start calling people for processing? Probably not until somtime after they close the announcement i suppose..
                "Just another day in paradise"


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                  sucks i dont turn 21 till march...


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                    CAREER NIGHTS;

                    Go to NJSP Recruit site.

                    There are currently 15 career nights scheduled in 3 different sites (5 each site) in NJ, north, central and south Jersey.


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                      NJSP Timeline for 151th Class

                      Originally posted by woodster11x View Post
                      so anyone have any ideas when they might start calling people for processing? Probably not until somtime after they close the announcement i suppose..
                      Woodster, here's some info from a NJSP Intern that should answer your question:
                      "A recruiter came in and gave us a time line of the various tests for the current application process for class 151.

                      -The PEEP (Pre-Employment Preparation Program) will be held starting a few weeks after the application submission window closes in the middle or end of February and it will run through some time in April. They told us to keep the online log-in ID and password we used to fill out the application. There will be various dates and you'll have to sign up yourself on the website.
                      -PQT is scheduled for May.
                      -The written exam is scheduled for June.
                      -The background phase is scheduled to start in August and run through September.
                      -The medical/psychological exams are scheduled for September and will run through October.
                      -The academy is set to start sometime in November. The recruiter said that the academy start date isn't set in stone and could change at any time so don't quote me on that. "

                      Hope that helps, good luck.


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                        nice, sounds good. appreciate the info
                        "Just another day in paradise"


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                          Of course, figure in funding for the class, with the new NJ Governor just taking office yesterday and the budget mess he has inherited, it could be dicey for this year.
                          Keep applying everywhere they are taking applications.


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