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N.J. Civil Service Procedure


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  • N.J. Civil Service Procedure

    Hi Folks,

    Don't want to take up too much of anyone's time on this, but I was wondering in layman's terms how the NJ Civil Service procedure goes. I'm 24 years old and have recently become more interested in law enforcement as a career after becoming close with a relative who's an officer and doing a couple ride-alongs and talking with him about everything. I'm not putting all of my eggs in one basket as I know essentially nobody is hiring at this point, but I figured at the very least it wouldn't hurt to take the civil service exam when they give it sometime in early 2010. If I do well and it looks like something will work out, awesome, if not, that's the way things are I guess.

    But my question revolves around the process itself. A lot is discussed on the DOP's web site regarding "hiring authorities" and such. But I'm wondering how it all works. Would someone from a township police department contact you personally if they see you on a list that's published with a good score? How does it all work as far as locations. In all honesty, I'm a lifelong Jersey Shore guy and working and living up in North Jersey just wouldn't be for me. Is there any marking of preference about where you would be interested in working?

    Thanks so much to anyone who's in the know on this.

    - Dan

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    try www.njlawman.com, the have a forum area that has tons of info...good luck


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      Without sendind you to a different site, you take the test and when an agency wants a list, they contact DOP and DOP sends the town a list based on what the agency asked for (ie, just residents, county wide, state wide).


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        Thanks guys. Found the Lawman site and that answers a lot of questions.


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