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  • CID in Texas National post

    I had a post awhile back and it has since been closed. I am still in need of CID special agents for the Guard. Below is what the qualifications are and the process to get in as well. When everything is met I will enlist you into the Guard with the 31D CID mos in your contract. Below is also the email I got from the 1SG of the CID unit today. Also, if you are not prior service I can't enlist you into a CID would have to get in and wait two years then switch over. I am actually about to enlist a member of this site and his wife. He ended up choosing the OCS route as did his wife.

    Any questions call me at 972-762-3420 or email [email protected]

    - Atleast 2 years prior service
    - 1 year of military police or civilian police
    - 60 credit hours
    - Great credit
    - Clean record


    My work email is on the cc line. I monitor both my personal and work emails. So always send to both. Here is the acceptance memo with line para # for Vega. Also, I have included a data sheets and bio for any interested personnel in CID. I will also need from any prospects the following documents before rendering an acceptance memo.
    1. any DD214s if prior service
    2. college transcript
    3. 10 yr driving history from local DMV 4. current credit report 5. the data sheets I have provided above 6. copies of all Law Enforcement certificates 7. PHA, physical documents obtained during MEPS (along with DA Form 4254R) 8. and have them completed the SF 86 online in EQIP for TS clearance (I will need the entire printout which shows his investigation report #) 9. both questionaires filled out, signed and dated 10. 3 letters of recommendation

    The rest of the documents, we can take care of once they join our unit. Remember, they have to get the OK from me before joining. I will then give them 90 days upon joining the unit to have their official packet completed and mailed off to CID Command for official acceptance for a school date. There are only two classes per FY with only 20 seats each. Any questions have them go direct with me via email. Also, please let us have their credit in GRAP before entering in your stats/credits. I will also send you all our prospects.


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