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  • A question about applying

    I'm 21 and due to get off of active duty military service as a military policeman in 2 years and I want to hopefully have a job lined up just as i get out or within a few months. When would be the time to start applying and taking tests?

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    Its not likely you will be able to walk out of your current job into another without being unemployed for a while. Save up your money for this. Most local departments have pretty quick applicant processes. 4 to 7 months for many. Some depts work with people getting ready to leave the service and some do not. Federal LE positions often have much longer processes that can take any where from 7 months to 3 years. Right now nobody is hiring so it is good you have a job. It maybe years before things turn around in the job market under the current political leadership. So first you should ask yourself where do you want to work and then research that dept(s) job situation/process. That is where I would start if I where you. I would also take some college courses to make yourself as attractive as possible to the depts you are interested in. Good luck with it and thank you for your service.
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      Thank you for your response. I have been researching because like you said the process is long. I am lucky enough to be only 3 hours away from where I am originally from so making a trip up for the tests is easy. Also around where I am looking they have been giving tests out and hiring but as I said before, I have 2 years left so if someone is looking for immediate I am out of luck. Always good to at least take the test so I know what I need to improve on. Thanks again.


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        Local agencies typically hire quickly and normally only plan a few months in advance for hiring needs. So you will pretty much be out of luck as far as getting anywhere with them now. With that said you can always go home on the weekends and do ride alongs (when you are within a year of getting out)or try to get on as a reserve officer (now if possible). It would get you noticed by the local agencies and you won't be a total unknown when it comes to getting a job. A couple of options, if available in your area. If the state accepts your military training as a police academy you could take leave complete the comparative compliance course and get state certified before you get out. If you live in the same state you currently reside you could also try to get on one of the local agencies as a reserve officer. It will get you some local experience and shows more interest in local LE than just being an MP. Often, time served in a reserve status will activate your certification and keep it current.

        If you are looking at federal. Get as much leave saved up as possible. You can take it as terminal and it can serve as a buffer if the job comes in a little earlier than your ETS. I would apply no more than a year out for a federal position. Some people are getting jobs quickly, but not many. Applying more than a year out could leave you missing a job because it is offered when you have too much time left and you are unable to leave the service early.

        With two years left save as much money as possible. If you are unemployed a few months after leaving the service it can help cover unexpected expenses not covered by unemployment.
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