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Currently looking for CID, Officers and Intelligence in TX


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  • Currently looking for CID, Officers and Intelligence in TX

    Please forgive me if I am not allowed to post this here. I figured it would fit with the 31D CID mos.

    I am currently looking for prior service individuals who held the rank at minumum of E5. You also have to have 60 hrs of college and atleast 6 months of Mp experience or civilian police experience.

    We are also in great need of OCS candidates, warrant officer candidates(must be atleast E5) and medical professionals.

    You can PM me here or email me at [email protected]

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    These do come with bonuses for prior service which is $10,000 to $15,000. Non-Prior can get up to $20,000.


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      I apologize if this seems like the general recruitment pitch. I am honestly looking for people that were previously cid or could possibly meet the criteria to become cid either enlisted or warrant officer. As far as OCS goes we also need officers on the MP side. I do agree that the medical professionals thing was a bit much but the benefits for nurses is incredible as some people in here may know nurses etc.

      I am a National Guard recruiter. I am not some lying active duty recruiter. I volunteered for this job and I run it like a business I would like to keep. I do not lie or bend the truth. If I did I would be out of a job quickly. Active duty recruiters enlist you and never see you again. If I enlist you and wrong you then word spreads because you come back where I work.

      Again I apologize

      Most if not all of our CID warrant officers are full-time.
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        I now have clarification on thr requirements for CID in the National Guard.

        - Prior experience as either MP, patrol officer, investigations...1 year
        - 60 college credit hours
        - Score well on the ASVAB GT and ST of 110
        - Qualify for a top secret need good credit


        You give me a call or email and I help you get a data sheet ready. You will also need a credit report and driving record back 10 years. After we get that I submit your info to the unit. They will either want you to meet them for an interview at their next drill Nov 7-8 or do a phone interview. If they say you are good to go I get a memo of acceptance and I take you to MEPS where you ASVAB, physical and contract. If you have any questions feel free to cell or email me. They currently have positions open and are actually hurting for people.

        [email protected]


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          Also, atleast two years prior service. I can get you into the unit under a different MOS. You will still train in the CID unit but hold a different MOS. Once your two years of service hit (for non-prior military) they will drop your CID packet.


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            I just found out that I can take people who are currently in other branches of the would be easier to do with current reserve soldiers. We would have to do a 368 form to get you out and in here.


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              If you want or need more information about these positions, send a private message to AirborneJones that regard. DON'T send him PMs bashing the Guard, Reserves, etc. DON'T send him PMs calling him names simply because you disagree with his posting an opportunity here. THAT is up to the board administration.

              AirborneJones: If you get such PMs, please forward them to [email protected] so they can be administrated properly. Thank you for posting the opportunity and information.


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