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Looking for some tips for physical test


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  • Looking for some tips for physical test

    Hey everyone. I'm currently waiting to take a few tests before the end of the year, all outside my home state of NJ. Currently I'm running 1.5 miles in 10min 35sec- 11min, 50 pushups in a minute, 14 pullups, and 125% single rep bench press. My problem comes from the "sit and reach" and sit ups. I'm going to be taking the Vermont State Police test in 2 weeks and those 2 parts of the test are goving me problems. I need 40 situps in a minute and currently i'm topping out around 32-35. Sit and reach I can get my toes. Anyone have any pointers for getting my numbers up in 2 weeks? Hah, I never though I would be sweating something as simple as situps, but here I am. Any and all help would be much appreciated! :-)
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    For the sit-ups, don't scrunch your knees up too far. You want about a 90 degree bend at the knee so your quad can help you out. Begin by doing 10 or so as fast as you can to slightly fatigue your muscles, then start doing a very controlled movement taking 8 to 10 seconds going up, then another 8 to 10 seconds to come back down. For the sit and reach, all I can say is stretch, stretch, stretch. Make sure you breathe deeply during the stretch; a long, full exhale will allow a deeper stretch, also. Hope this helps. Good luck.


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        Add some resistance to your situps. Not a lot, but 25-35 pounds should do it. And vary them up. Do some with your legs up in the air, straight out, etc. Also do some bicycle crunches where you bend up into the crunched position with your legs in the air moving as if you were on a bike. Youtube it if ya need. Do as many as you can every night. Abs recover quicker than most muscles in my experience so really just exhaust them every day and you'll fly through the test.

        For the sit and reach, as others have said, just stretch a couple times a day.


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          I was in the same spot for the sit ups. I could only do about 23 in a minute and improved to 45-46. I started doing them with just my toes touching a wall and no one/thing holding my feet.

          What that forced me to do was use my abs/legs to slow my decent rather than just crashing down to the ground. There is a techincal term for this, I can't think of it right now. But, I ended up using the same muscles to pull myself up and slow my decent.

          This is just what worked for me. I don't know if just doing more of them was really what did it, or this technique helped, or maybe both.
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            On situps, go slow while coming back down, this strengthens the muscles. Thats just when you are training, but I was told when I take the test to let yourself come down and dont waste your energy letting yourself down easy, it waste energy and remember you have other tasks to do.
            It worked for me.


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              I started around 25 in a minute also. Work on your core, not just situps for abs. I am thin (6' 180) and thought I was fit. But simple ab workouts kicked me.

              If you can get P90X abripper, it is a great 15 minute core/ab workout. Giving you the name of all the excercises won't help, but if you want I can describe them.

              Do some core/abs every day, but do hardcore core/abs 3-4 times a week.


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                Originally posted by POSr View Post
                What that forced me to do was use my abs/legs to slow my decent rather than just crashing down to the ground. There is a techincal term for this, I can't think of it right now.
                When using weights we generally call those negatives. Maybe the same name applies here.


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