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Seized Property Specialist,ICE/CBP Need INFO


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  • Seized Property Specialist,ICE/CBP Need INFO

    Hello there,

    I have read through what I found on here but not enough info. I would like to know of anyone in the process now, and one's that are on the job. More or less the length of time of the process, and what you wear cause the info was conflicting Thanks.
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    I applied for and interviewed for a position with ICE when I was working as a Deputy/Investigator back in MO around the May time frame. It took a good two months before I got called for the first interview.

    I had two phone interviews with them. First one was with the person in charge of the Seized Property Specialist and another ICE Agent and the second one was with the SAC and two supervisory agents.

    Both interviews were pretty straight forward. They wanted to know how much experience I had dealing with seized property, evidence rooms, handling it before/after court cases, getting rid of it, etc.... I was going for a GS-11 spot so they wanted a lot of experience..... They did call my references about 2 weeks later to ask about what I had told them regarding my experience......so don't stretch things.....

    From what I have I heard....the office I applied for (Hawaii) still hasn't filled the spot due to money.....which is fine because I made it out here anyway....

    Good luck...
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      I applied for and got the GS-09, got a Rating of 99 not sure if its with my VA points or not. Said info was sent to the certifing Officals and what not. Was for Ft.lauderdale FL, where I live. The experieacnce I have is all from the Army, I was in the LightInfantry and in Iraq in 2003-04 we would raid houses left and right, and do inventorys, pictures, serial numbers, security while in transport and stationary, disposile etc...So i hope it enough along with for ever lay outs of equipment and enventory in the Army as thats an every mo event.....Then I currently am in Iraq again as Military Police/ K-9 and the MP School was great for more experiane with chain of custody and more the Law Enforcement end of evidence......handling. Well thanks again....take care
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        I got a 100 rating on my stuff.....and that was without the VA stuff....

        I have experience both in the military and civilian side of LE. They never asked me about my military stuff (MPI and evidence room experience) only about my civilian LE experince.... and I used my Military experience in my KSAs....so not sure if that was for the 11 spot or what.

        I know that when I asked about the job on here to ICE/CBP folks, they had no clue about the gig.....other than it is what it is. Some places seem to let you go out with the Agents while others stay at the office and only go out as needed. I do know there is some sort of class you go through at FLETC....as you do have to fire down there since it's an armed position.

        They also played 20 questions with me about wanting to use this spot to move onto an ICE Agent spot. I told them I was over age limit by a few years and that seemed to make them happy.....once again, that might just be the office here.

        I did call them and they still haven't hired for the spot.....out of money. I am making way to much money out here to go back to an 11......but it would be a good gig to have......

        Good luck....
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          more good info....

          So when you were asked the 20?'s, was that to see if you were just taking this gig to move somewhere else or did they ask if you would if given the chance? Definitaly dont want to tell them I want to do somthing else just the position i applied for. I am also waitin for CBPO, had to clear up ?'s they had about depositions and what not. Funny thing is while i was here in good old Iraq they sent me a NOPAL, and I called and told them they had all the info documents etc. Later she found them. So another ?' you maybe able to answer before I talk to her. Does that take back the NOPAL , since the info they wanted requestd was there the hole time. She just didnt relize it.

          And since some of these events, which of course was B.S> and can tell by the sercomstances and other factors. I have been Promoted to SGT. Secret Security Clearance, Military Police School, K-9 Course, concealed weapons permit, and a bunch of awards from DHS/TSA one with the Secret service.....Been with TSA since 2006, along with other j***...LOL nothing like your experiance but it can all be explained... I'm just so mind boggaled on how they can say that you can do all this,, and mybe not be able to work for CBP worse case id have to Appeal. but witht the info I hope they see it was all square and I have had nothing happen my fault or anyother in almost 3 yrs........ill stop blabing......lol. THanks
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            When I interviewed for the Hono position, the SAC flat out asked if I was going to use the job as a stepping stone or if I would be there for a while. I told him that I was too old by a couple of years to be a ICE SA......so....he seemed happy with that. Maybe they are tired of hiring folks for the position and getting them up to speed/trained.....only to have them leave for a SA spot or another 1811 gig somewhere else....I don't know but thats what I suspect...


            As I said....I know that Hono wanted someone that had more civilian LE experince in a Evidence Room just by the way they asked me the questions. They wanted someone that had taken stuff in, logged it, stored it properly, checked it out for lab/court, brought it back in from there, and had gotten rid of it once the case was cleared via Court. I have that and more.....so..... Only reason they never called was because of funding for the position......

            I have no idea if Lauderdale is looking for the same thing or something different.....

            As from talking to ICE Agents on here, every office is different. Some of the SPS's go out with the Agentes....while others sit in the office till called.....

            I would have loved to take the position....but this came up and I am making a lot more money out here....


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