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Does being on chemo disqualify????


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  • Does being on chemo disqualify????

    Say an applicant for an 1801/1811 position is on a chemo treatment for a brain tumor that was successfully removed 11 years ago. He's just on the treatment now because of a minor recurrence, but healthy outside of that. Is the applicant pretty much screwed out of any future chances? Honest opinions here please.

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    Originally posted by Up_On_Base
    Is this person you?

    If so, I would call the agency and chat with a recruiter.

    If it is you...best of luck and good health!
    hahaha.....yeah it is me.....couldn't hide it I guess. I'm currently an 1801 right now, but I want to get into more of an enforcement position compared to what I'm currently doing. Just don't want to get my hopes up and waste my time if I'd be automatically shut out.


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      not sure if it will be considered an impairment of the duties required for the 1801/1811 position. if so, i guess legally they are covered from legal action and disqualify you from the process. but i don't see why you cannot petition to be placed on hold pending the completion of the treatment. if so, a letter from the hospital or doctor indicating you are done with the treatment and in good health, present it to the agency and continue on with the process. that's always an option, not sure if the agency is accommodating or enforce strict agency rules. best bet is to call and explain the situation. take care and be in good health.


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