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  • My Opportunities/Marketability?


    I find myself in limbo in that due to the Navy's force shaping board, I've been selected for involuntary separation. Meaning I got 3 months left till I'm out and will be needing a job. A little background on my situation, I'm currently an Ensign/O-1, who was in flight school, but after doing the initial parts decided that it wasn't my cup of tea. As a result I tried to redesignate, but wasn't selected for anything (Being an Officer Candidate School grad makes it impossible; not enough money invested compared to the Naval Academy and ROTC folks).

    Now I'm looking into federal law enforcement as a career. I'm not just jumping onto this out of nowhere, I have thought about and somewhat experienced it. I worked as a undercover security guy at my college bookstore. Yeah I know, not really anything, but I worked closely with the campus police with my job when conducting investigations on ID and credit card fraud.

    After college I applied with the BATF and to be a Postal Inspector as well as Navy OCS. I took the Navy option because part of me was tired of waiting and they gave me a shot to be a pilot, something I thought I always wanted to do. Kinda weird also in that 4 weeks into OCS I get a call from someone from the BATF saying they scheduled me for an interview in the next couple of days, but I couldn't just leave.

    So now here's my question, as undesignated Ensign/O-1 with only 5 months in and 3 months left of Active Duty, will that help me with landing a federal law enforcement job or hinder it? I'll be going back to California so I was looking into the DHS jobs such as ICE, Border Patrol, etc. Can you guys give me any advice/recommendations for what to look for?

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    Is it and Involuntary Seperation (Honorable)? There has to be more to it then you deciding it "wasn't my cup of tea". Something is not ading up right. Anyway, realize that you will not be able to seek any type of benefits due to your short length of time in the service. And the whole "undercover security" means nothing. You were simply Loss Prevention and I am not sure what type of experience you would get at a college book store?

    Either way, good luck. I would maybe try local LE if LE at all.
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      Yes it is Involuntary Separation, I didn't do anything bad. As for my decision to drop out of flight school. I just couldn't get it to "click" no matter how hard I tried. It forced me to really think over if I wanted to go into aviation and I came to the hard conclusion that my heart was not fully into it. I was having a hard time from the onset if I were to continue, it would only get more difficult. I know that the "undercover security" thing means little, but I just threw it out there. But I did learn how to write incident reports if that means anything.

      I would try Local LE, but with CA's budget it would be hard and many departments are getting rid of cops. Although it would not prevent me from giving it a shot.


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        Is it an Honorable Discharge? I don't see how it could be if you were only in for 5 months. Report writing is a part of a lot of jobs, law enforcement of not.
        "An excuse is worse and more terrible than a lie, for an excuse is a lie guarded."


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          You say you dropped out of flight school, did you get to the flight part? Were you asked to resign your commission or are they giving you an option? Can you go Reserve?

          Experience as a military officer can usually be a selling point, but you must have some actual experience. Graduating OCS, and being forced out does not really do much in that department. I would suggest if possible to go reserve, check out the Coast Guard (Should be able to get a Commission in a different service)
          Best of luck.
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