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    Hey guys.

    Sorry that I'm not asking a question that's not quite LE related, but it's close.

    I live in Vegas and I saw this posted:


    I'm a 33yo IT security guy who is currently doing critical infrastructure protection consulting for power companies. I have 15+ years experience doing IT security work, a lot of that is consulting for big companies.

    I've applied to the NV State Troopers and I've gotten past the physical fitness, written (got a 97) and just took the oral board...hoping that I got past it, I interview very well and I worked hard to prepare. I have two concerns about going this route: 1-I have a bankruptcy from 2004 (got bad tax liabilities from .com era stock options) 2-NV might take their time hiring more troopers.

    Assuming the Trooper gig doesn't happen (or even if it does, I'd have to decide), what would it be like working as an FBI Tech Information Specialist?

    Do you think I'd get to do cool analysis work? Are you brought in to do computer forensics on networks and hard drives on cases or are you really a gopher? I'm an expert in the infosec field and getting into a job where I can really use my analytical and critical thinking skills would be amazingly satisfying.

    Just thought I'd reach out and see what you guys thought. Oh, I don't have a degree, so that's why I am not pursuing the SA route.

    My problem now in life is I'm practicing a lot of "theory" in information security. I've wanted to be in law enforcement all my life but the lure of IT job salaries have kept me in check....until now. I think it took me this long to realize I want to LIVE to work not WORK to live. I want to enjoy myself. I don't find much enjoyment practicing theory and setting up countermeasures. I don't want to be the guy that builds the wall. I want to be the sentry on the wall that interdicts and protects the facility.

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    These two sites have information on that position and about Bureau IT.


    I would suggest you call your Las Vegas office (702) 385-1281, and ask to speak with an AC or a human resource officer, they may be able to give you more details of the job.


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