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SF86 Released?


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  • SF86 Released?

    Being that I completed the SF86 form for the USSS, and they are under the Dept. of Homeland Security.... do other branches under DHS have access to that form should I apply with them? i.e. The Coast Guard? Or is each SF86 form completed only prevalent to the agency that you apply to?

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    You're probably going to have to complete an SF-86 for each agency you apply to.
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      Originally posted by GoldBadge View Post
      You're probably going to have to complete an SF-86 for each agency you apply to.

      At the present moment.....I have stuff out for TSA/FEMA just so I can access their facilities as needed.....

      I work for DHS HQ but the other two do not take my DHS TS/SCI Clearance.... even though both agencies fall under DHS....

      I work with folks that have higher clearances than I do....and they are having the same issues.....

      And folks wonder why I am headed to HI......


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        I submitted three (3) separate SF-86 forms for the same agency. Once when I applied, once when I went for my panel interview, and a third when I was hired and they were completing my security clearance.

        Always smart to keep an up-to-date SF-86 on hand so that you can replicate it as needed.


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          SF86 will need to be redone for each.

          If you're using eqip, eqip will keep most of the information filled in from when you last filled it out


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            The SF86 is done online now and should be able to print out. I currently hold a TS/SCI clearance and I am contracted to a government agency but I can go in to any government facility because of badge reciprocity. Can anyone shed some light on this process for me? I can see what ever agency calling some neighbors and family but I doubt they are going send the clearance request to OPM when I already have one. You cant get two.


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              Depends who you are going to. If you are going to DHS....it's a mess and they will re-investigate....No matter what level you are at...

              As stated, I am in the process of getting badages for FEMA and TSA facilities and they will not take my DHS HQ Badge and/or my LE Creds......but...if I wander down the street to the FAA/DOT for a meeting....guess what...? They will take my badge without question....

              And yes, there is an option with eQip that that will allow you to print your stuff out...


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