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Another thread by claymoreman, looking for legit answers this time


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    Get done with college like you said and join the Military. Thank God that you don't have a real medical condition like I do that really prevents you from the service(diabetes type 1). I think that after you serve for a while you should come back and look at your post, you may laugh. I hear your point but making a difference in peoples lives day to day (as a regular cop) is what I am going to look back on in 40 years when I retire and be proud of. Do it for yourself and no one else. I am 22 and just received my first Police job a month and a half ago and could not be more proud. After the process and all the rejections for age, I am proud of myself to finally be able to wear that piece of tin.

    Seriously though if you want a job you can be proud of, make it one that you, and only you, want to do until you retire. I remember when I was little thinking how cool it would be to be like my dad, having a position in the service that is special ops, classified missions. But in the end he can't tell me a single story of what he used to do or where he did it, and if you asked him the thing he was most proud of in his past 30 years is he would tell you, his family, not his job.

    Good luck.


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      I'm a straight shooter so I'm going to give you the truth.

      I've read your posts and I'm amazed that some here have taken the time to even reply with lengthy comments.

      1. If you can't get in the military forget LE work, especially the work you think you want to do. Any federal level LE job will have a back ground investigation way tougher than the militaries.

      2. You've managed to piss me off by stating you want to do something important and not be a normal cop that works for 30 years. If you only knew how off base you are, especially on this forum.

      3. If you want to do something important and handle weapons go work at a pawn shop full time and volunteer with the Red Cross in your off time.

      The whole way you phrased your post tells me you have a lot of growing up to do before you try Law Enforcement. Not age wise but mentally.

      I truely hope this is a troll post.
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        Have you tried private security? I hear wackenhut is hiring. Anti-depressants are no problem with them.

        Those who believe, ye shall receive.


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          Dude, do you really want to be CIA? There are a lot of former CIA guys who leave the agency broken, tired, and flirting with insanity (see: WISNER, Frank, and ANGLETON, James Jesus).
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            Originally posted by JayhawkFan View Post
            Have you tried private security? I hear wackenhut is hiring. Anti-depressants are no problem with them.
            And Dude, Whackenhut has the Area 51 detail!

            I think this guy's posts may be trollish in ultimate effect, but I really think he's a real deal confused kid. There's a certain type of "college student" personality in the e-mail age who repeatedly asks the same question, often to the same venue, figuring a slightly different wording will get a different answer. It's like inquiry isn't a learning or info gathering process so much as a game or puzzle to get an answer to their satisfaction.


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              OK then I will give him the answer that he is looking for:

              Claymoreman (do you even know what a claymore is?),
              You do not need to have any military or law enforcement exp. to join any top secret, clandestine, super samuri, organization. Your desire, edgy mental health problems, and possible good looks will get you the job of your dreams. You have come to the right place to accomplish these goals, and I commend you on not giving up. You see, "Officer.com" is really a front for CONTROL. The "Chief" has set up this website to find potential recruits who use the proper terminology and "secret" words. The use of just a single password on your next post will open the door to a meaningful and rewarding career with our "agency". Just type in the phrase "yippie ki yay" on your next post and Al Pacino will be contacting you within the hour. Welcome fellow super soldier. This message will self distruct when you hit reply.


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                The problem with this thread is i actually think he is serious.

                Claymore, heres the deal, just from reading your first post you can tell that your maturity level is not that high. No offense and i know your already getting bashed but you need to do something to bring you to the real world like ROTC or something to start with.

                I met a lot of guys like you in the military that thought it was like movies when in reality its not at all like that. Something like saying CIA Agents, their officers not agents, you could have found that just by searching on here.

                I had dreams once of being like the guys in the movies when i was younger but you have to put your time in first, i dont have a huge academic backround but the military tought me a lot and being overseas showed me who i was real quick.

                You need to put the 24 DVD down and start reading, searching and getting your head straight. Go run a marathon or something and think of that pain for days on end, thats usually how the military is - its not like the movies.

                I hate to say it but just from your typing i think you have a long way to go, but i will positive and say i still think you have a chance. So get off the damn meds and make something happen.


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