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U.S. Marshals Academy Questions


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  • U.S. Marshals Academy Questions

    Hey guys I am actually posting this for a friend who does not have internet access. He just got accepted into the U.S. Marshals academy with a EOD of August 19th. He had a few questions:

    1.) Does anyone here (current Marshals) have any suggestions for things he should bring with him on top of what was required in the academy packet (packet was pretty vague on what to bring).

    2.) Do you have internet access and how often would you be able to use it. Is it wi-fi? Is it in your room? Is there just a seperate computer room?

    3.) It is to his understanding that there is free time on the weekends. Do students take advantage of this time and go see the sights around the area or do they pretty much just stay at the base and study/work out.

    4.) If the academy start date is Aug. 19th and goes through Jan 10th, would there be any breaks for holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and/or New Years and if so how long are the breaks.

    5.) Lastly, do any current Marshals have any last minute advice for him on what to expect out of the academy?

    Thank you for your help. Any input from current U.S. Marshals would be greatly appreciated.

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    Looking forward to hearing the responses. What hiring path is he coming from?


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      1. Bring some of the basics. I brought a sleeping bag and my own pillows. Those sheets have been around for a while, who knows what's been done under them. Dress for the seasons.

      2. Internet access can be used by the G bar.....they'll know when they get there what I'm talking about. I had a wireless card that I used in my room which worked fine. Just pick up a cheap printer and you'll be fine. I did hear they are installing wireless at the Taj, but I can't say for sure. They also have computer rooms over in the library. If you get there early enough you can get one of the computers.

      3. When there's no class or practical exercises your time is yours to do what you want. After 1600, you can do what you want as long as you're back by the beginning of class the next day. You can stay on campus or you can go out and see the great sights of Brunswick.

      4. You will get off for Thanksgiving, Christmas and I think New Years. But only those days. Maybe Christmas Eve. Unless they changed it.

      5. CITP is the studying portion of the academy, although it's not that bad and the Marshals portion is the physical portion. Prepare to get pushed pretty good. Workout as much as you can before you go to CITP and as much as you can when you're at CITP. I've been to boot camp and 2 other academies. By far USMS was the toughest of them all.


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