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25 Best cities to work in (nationwide)


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  • 25 Best cities to work in (nationwide)

    Found this article on policelink.com and thought it was an interesting read.
    My home city (Rochester, NY) made the list.

    Check it out:

    "Peace exists, not simply with the loss of conflict, but with the presence of true justice."

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    I am stunned that Baltimore, MD is not on the list. It saddens me deeply. The city has so much to offer such as violence galore (ranked near the top), outdated or lack of equipment, terrible benefits (huge increase for health care and non existent dental, the potential for any disease known to man on a daily basis, and an upper echelon who could care less about the cops on the street.

    All that should without a doubt put the department near the top of the list.

    I almost forgot that the city barely recognizes the fact that retirees deserve a little cost of living raise every once in a while. I know guys that haven't seen one for five years.


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      The authors must not have talked with applicants trying to get into Austin PD.


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        I stopped reading as soon as I saw Hartford, CT.... Obviously no one did any real type of research, such as speaking to a single officer that may work for that agency.


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          Originally posted by GB0610
          How in the world can a City like San Diego, Honolulu or Boston make this list?!? You can hardly live on a cops salary in either of these cities. What a joke, that they made the list.

          I live and work in San Diego. I am a home owner for the first time in my life thanks to my job. I have been with the Agency for just at two years now.

          I don't know about other locations but living and working here in SD seems to work just fine for me


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            I am Federal, you are correct. However, I work with quite a few Officers from Chula Vista, San Diego, and National City PDs as well as San Diego County Sheriff's Deputys.

            We are all in the same ballpark as far as total yearly compensation is concerned.

            I would say that you would be hard pressed to find a "barely getting by" Officer or Deputy here in the San Diego area. Hope this clears things up a little. Sorry for the confusion.


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              The commute is the easy part! My girlfriend commutes in to Downtown from approximately 15-17 miles out and it only takes 20-25 minutes. Traffic is a breeze around here, I love it!

              The few that I have gotten into talks of income and living situations all tell me they are homeowners and are getting along fine. I only know what I am told however.


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                Although I do think that, in general, San Diego should be considered one of the top 25 large cities to live in the U.S. Maybe not for police officers, however.


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                  The skepticism in this thread is almost tangible.

                  It looks like I opened up a can of worms with this one!
                  "Peace exists, not simply with the loss of conflict, but with the presence of true justice."


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                    Nice to see Seattle on there. Really hoping to get on with SPD or KCSO!
                    I have a million hats.


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                      Originally posted by Code Seven
                      So your girlfriend is an SDPD officer assigned to "downtown" who has a house within a 20-25 minute drive? Where is this house located?
                      I don't know why this place is so negative.

                      I never once said she worked for SDPD. Please re-read my post.

                      I simply said she lives away from downtown and commutes in. Traffic here is NOT like Los Angeles, Orange, San Francisco, or Sacramento Counties.

                      I love it here, as do many others. That is ALL I am saying.

                      Sorry for the confusion for those that got confused, and happy job hunting for those looking!


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