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  • Anyone attended the info session this morning in Boston?


    • Originally posted by TigerWoody View Post
      Anyone from Philly know what the parking situation will be like at the philly court house on market street....is it free, pay to park, do they have trains, shuttles, etc? I have never been to PA and I am clueless. thanks in advance.
      There is a city-owned parking garage across the street from the courthouse, if you get there via GPS and look around you will likely see a banner along the street saying "Visitor Center Parking", just go into the garage, it'll probably cost you around $13 but it beats scavenging for hours then walking a distance to get there.


      • Originally posted by tdparmel View Post
        At my session, I got there 40 minutes early and immediately began filling out my fingerprint cards. Then my fingerprints were taken. After I did this, I filled out a bunch of paperwork regarding my driving history(accidents and violations), employment history, drug abuse history, Credit Release, Ethnic background/race info, Veteran's Preference, etc.

        They then went over exactly to fill out each of these forms, then showed us the order they wanted them in.

        The Chief gave a brief speech about the Marshal's service, his bio, etc. The recruiter spoke to us again and then we took a 1 hour lunch break.

        After lunch we watched some videos, as I explained in my previous post. They explained the hiring process and how you should take the first offer you get, but it would almost certainly be in Region 1.

        Then on our way out they made sure we included all of the paperwork and checked it off.

        Most people wore suits I did see a couple of people wearing jeans, one guy wearing a polo shirt and khakis.

        Some flew in from as far as way San Francisco.


        • Wasn't a bad session in Philly 2day..... Good info


          • Originally posted by Broad St. Bully View Post
            Wasn't a bad session in Philly 2day..... Good info

            yup lots of good info and hot chicks
            "Sometimes there is Justice and sometimes there is Just Us"


            • hey thanks for the info tdparmel thats helpful


              • Now we all just need to nail the interview since it seems to be the only portion where they are directly interacting with us throughout the rest of the process. If you are in good shape and have a clean background, then the interview is the only real disqualifyer you have to worry about. Good luck to everyone!


                • Another good info session in Philly last night. Very informative. I won't repeat anything that was already said, but the one thing I was disappointed (although not altogether surprised) about was the salary scale. I knew that they were hiring at GS-5 or GS-7, but I was hoping there was some lee way as far as what step they were going to start you out at. But, apparently, unless you are a federal employee, its either GS-5 step 1 or GS-7 step 1 take it or leave it. If they got LEAP right off the bat, that would almost put me at where I am right now but since they don't I'm not sure I can take the pay cut. That combined with the fact that I'd be giving up my G ride with my current job makes it look doubtful. But I'm going to go through the process anyway and see what they say. Good luck to everyone involved. It seems like an awesome career, all things considered.


                  • shortcop,

                    Did they give u a break down of the pay scale for the GS-5 and GS-7?
                    Losing is not an "Option"


                    • Not quite what I heard in regards to starting at 5 or 7. I remember him saying that if you have 3yrs of law enforcement exp with arrest authority you would also start at a 7....But that decision is made in DC.


                      • what was the pay for a 5 and 7 ?
                        Losing is not an "Option"


                        • look it up on opm, it varies, depends on location.


                          • Originally posted by Broad St. Bully View Post
                            Not quite what I heard in regards to starting at 5 or 7. I remember him saying that if you have 3yrs of law enforcement exp with arrest authority you would also start at a 7....But that decision is made in DC.
                            Yes that is what they said. I have no doubt that they would start me at a GS-7, but there are 10 steps within the GS-7 salary range, and they made it seem like everyone is starting at either GS-5, step 1 (if you have no LE experience) or GS-7, step 1, which is something like $43,000 per (locality pay not included).


                            • OK, I should be good, I have LE exp !!!!!!!!!!
                              Losing is not an "Option"


                              • All positions are filled at the GL-5 or GL-7 entry levels.

                                GL-5: between $36,658 and $41,260 (as of January 2008)

                                GL-7: between $41,729 and $46,969 (as of January 2008)

                                Requirements for GL-5 and GL-7

                                The salaries stated above are an approximation. Actual salary is determined by the geographic location in which employed --

                                EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: A four year bachelors’ degree OR a minimum of three years of responsible volunteer or paid experience. Listed below are examples of acceptable experience:

                                Law enforcement

                                Work involving the correctional treatment and supervision of criminal offenders in correctional institutions

                                Classroom teaching or instruction

                                Sales (other than taking and filing orders as in over-the-counter sales)

                                Interviewing experience in a public or private service agency which involved making determinations on individual requests for services, benefits, etc., and explaining, interpreting, and applying rules, regulations, and procedures

                                Work involving contacts with the public for the purpose of gathering information, such as credit rating investigator, claims adjuster, journalist, etc.

                                Volunteer teaching or counseling

                                Other experience that has demonstrated the ability to take charge and make decisions, such as civilian/military supervisory, managerial or leadership responsibility.



                                Have one year of responsible law enforcement experience in addition to the GL-5 experience requirements above

                                Have the ability to deal effectively with associates, subordinates, the general public, and prisoners.

                                Have the ability to make arrests and use firearms proficiently.

                                SUPERIOR ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT:

                                A bachelor's degree and one of the following Superior Academic Achievement provisions:

                                A grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher for all completed undergraduate courses, or for those courses completed during the last 2 years of undergraduate study.

                                Rank in the upper 1/3 of your college or university undergraduate class.

                                Membership in a national scholastic honor society (other than freshman honor societies) recognized by the Association of College Honor Societies.

                                Successful completion of graduate education in law, or in a field related to law enforcement (e.g., criminal justice), or completion of one full year of graduate study (minimum of 18 semester or 27 graduate quarter hours).

                                COMBINATION OF EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE:

                                If you do not qualify based on education or experience alone we will combine your education and experience in an attempt to satisfy the minimum general experience requirements, at the GL-5 level, for Deputy U.S. Marshal positions. <top>
                                Losing is not an "Option"


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