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Explosive Ordnance Disposal/ Bomb Disposal Units


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  • Explosive Ordnance Disposal/ Bomb Disposal Units

    When I ETS I would like to continue my career as a bomb tech. I haven't found much online about the transition to the civilian side though. Has anyone made this transition? When I get out I'll have my senior badge, 5 years as a tech and my Team Leader Cert. Will this even matter that much? I know that I'll have to go to the Academy and all. Will I be able to go straight into an EOD role or will I spend a couple of years on patrole first? I assume that this would be a very competative position to try for.

    EDIT: I got a little ahead of myself. I'll more than likely be looking in either Western Kentucky or Nashville Tn area.


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    Stick to large metro areas or sheriff's departments. These are the tpes of agencies that usually have a bomb squad. Just research the agency first before you apply to see if they have a bomb squad.

    You will most likely have to start in patrol first before getting onto the bomb squad. Your experience and training should carry some weight though.

    Best of luck to you.


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      Originally posted by MadMax52 View Post
      When I ETS I would like to continue my career as a bomb tech.

      A. My advice would be to find a reserve/guard unit and get in with them to keep your skills up because.....

      B. Most agenices will make you start out at the patrol level and have to do it 3-5 years before you can even look at a specialty spot....regardless of your skills.....

      C. As stated, look for larger agencies as most smaller/medium sized agencies don't have EOD....

      D. Also, look at the Federal level.....mainly in the 0017, 6501, and 1801 serieses....TSA/ATFE/and several others have slots.....You may not be a LEO but at least you would be doing the job..... would be a good place to start....

      E. I think you are going to have to expand your area of wanting to I am thinking you are going to be limiting yourself if you are just looking to stay in those areas....

      Just my .02 cents..... Good Luck


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        Thanks for the replies. It has helped alot.


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          Don't forget to look at Fire Dept's too.

          Our Bomb Squad/Arson Investigators are still certified peace officers, but they are assigned to FD and not PD. They go through both the fire academy and the police academy.


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            FYI the ATF will be opening I believe 5, 1801 explosive enforcement officer positions in the next few weeks. I am not sure when but keep checking the ATF web site and USAJOBS.


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