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College Grad...CBP or not?


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  • College Grad...CBP or not?

    Hello, this is my first time posting on this forum so I'd like to thank everybody up front for helping me out. Soon I will be graduating with a bachelors in a hard science - I hope to use that background to climb up to the FBI/NSA/CIA one day, but let's discuss today first.

    I want to get my foot in the door. Period. Since August I have been involved in the BP Agent process and they confirmed that I will hear from Training/Placement as soon as I get my finalized transcripts to them (GL-7 grade). Since the officer vacancy opened up, I am taking the CBPO test this Saturday and will start that process soon. I have also put in an app with the FEMA police and will soon do so with the Secret Service Uniformed Division. Also, I am taking the Conn State and NYPD tests soon.

    In a nutshell, should I take the BP Agent job when it is offered to me? Or, should I gamble and wait for one of the above agencies/departments to move me along their process? I thought that I could coast through the CBPO process since my BI and everything is done, but they said that I'd have to do it again because it's a different branch. I would like to get specialized unit experience - so I figured after two years w/. BP maybe I can pursue BORTAC, BORSTAR, or SRT? Again, all I have going for me is my college degree - no previous LE or full time work experience. Please advise. Thank you.

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    A wise man once stated take the first offer that comes.

    Right out of school in a crappy economy, I would take the first job that is offered. You applied to the agencies so you have an obvious interest in their mission, so I would say take the first one that calls. If after a while you decide this is not for me you can try and move on.


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      I too would subscribe to "the bird in hand" view. You may never get another offer.

      The BI, physical and drug test are interchangeable between the BPA and CBPO positions. The only steps you should need to do separately are the exam, interview, and fitness test.


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        You will NOT get more "hands on" experience right out the gate than with the USBP. Trust me. It's a blast!

        Much of the FED respects the Academy that a Border Patrol Agent is put through and also the "in the trenches" type of work experience that you compile.

        CBPO is like an office job compared to the Border Patrol.

        Take the first that comes and go from there. +1 as above. GL with your processes!


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          Thanks a lot for the advice. That is the feeling I had about the situation as well.


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            id take whatever comes up first


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              Jump on the first one, ride it till a new door opens.


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