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  • FBI 1811 of Secret Service 1811

    Hello and thanks for all the information.

    I'm a former Border Patrol Agent in my late 20's. I spent 2 years in an Arizona Border town before moving back to pursue an opportunity in the private sector.

    Well the financial world is in somewhat of a mess right now and really affecting my job so I am once again gearing up to pursue my dream of 1811.

    I have a degree in Political Science with experience in finance, background investigations, and limited law enforcement experience.

    I'll be applying to the FBI and also considering the Secret Service. I've ruled out DEA because I don't want to go back down to the border and try and salvage Border Patrol drug cases and get them ready for court. What a mess.

    I've found lots of information about the hiring processes on this forum but I was hoping I could get some insight into the differences between FBI and SS, besides the obvious.

    Differences in culture? Morale? Management? Complexity of cases? General differences? Does everyone in the SS do some time on protective duties in DC? What's that like?

    I apologize for the vague questions but I'd love to hear some thoughts.

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    They don't like being called the SS

    I can't give you any insight, but they don't like being called the "SS", they prefer the USSS.
    "From now until the end of the world, we and it shall be remembered. We few, we Band of Brothers. For he who sheds his blood with me shall be my brother." - William Shakespeare ("King Henry V")


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      Why people feel the need to correct ss vs. usss never ceases to amaze... I don't think any of us care! With that said...


      You will find several differences between the two agencies. The FBI is much larger, has a HUGE budget, and has a wide variety of investigations (terrorism, dope, white collar, intell, etc) . While they also journey to GS-13, they are not required to relocate as often as USSS.

      Secret Service investigations are primarily financial institution frauds (bank embezzlement, credit card fraud, counterfeit $$, check fraud). Protection, when you are in the field, is rare outside of an election year. You may travel a few days every few months in support of protectee visits. One you complete your initial office, you may go to one of several assignments (President, VP, former Prez, headquarters, or training). As far as DC protective assignments go, some like it, and some don't. This job is not for Mr. Family Man...for the most part. The biggest question you have to ask yourself is if you have sme "calling" toward the protective mission. By that I mean, if you are only wanting to come here for the investigations...then take a closer look at the FBI. If protection is something that interests you, take a closer look at us.

      Good Luck.


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        I'm a former USSS agent and Bearcat is right. It is not the most family friendly agency. If you are looking to do investigations then my advice is to consider FBI. Keep in mind that the Dept. of Justice initiative right now is the South West Border. So you can almost bank on being hired into a south west border city. All Fed agencies are beefing up their numbers along the border. My agency has about 85% of the new hires going there. The other 15% are usually people who already have a CFI background and are needed elsewhere.


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          Originally posted by Scout0315 View Post
          I can't give you any insight, but they don't like being called the "SS", they prefer the USSS.
          I LOVE BEING CALLED SS...some of my "close" friends who I spent the weekend with called me that (IMF/World Bank Protesters!). Everyone is right on the money with this topic...Family = NO Secret Service! Protection comes first, always will, and if you are looking at the WDC area, you are going to have a few cases, but most of WFO is 60-75% In-town Protection details or advances for Foreign Leaders staying in DC.

          Good Luck regardless, Law Enforcement needs good people (especially in WDC)


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