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Becoming a PO or Crime Analysist?


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  • Becoming a PO or Crime Analysist?

    I am female, 43 yrs old. Have been thinking about law enforcement for a very long time. Currently hold a BS degree in a non-related law enforcement field and have been successfully working in this field for 20 years. I am committed to switch over to LE in some capacity- nothing will stop me (even my age). I plan on working for another 20 years.

    I have grown up in law enforcement (father police chief) and 5 other family members cops, feel very comfortable around police stations and I have an understanding that maybe your average person does not, I heard and listened alot. Father shared alot with me and shaped me. I know enough not to want to do this as I understand it is a bit of a thankless job . . . but LE has a strong tie to my values as a person, very passionate!

    Thinking about joining police academy in August in N. CA. I can run 7 miles a day, I lift weights and feel that I am in great shape cardiovascularly. Police friends have told me I will have no trouble with academics in academy. But here's the deal: I have 2 teenage daughters, and I have always been there for them (husband runs his own business and is busy). Being a police officer there will be graveyard shifts, court dates, etc on off days. This is the nature of the job, esp. when you are the new to a dept.

    Recently, looked into becoming a crime analysist, very appealling to me, in that I am very analytical in nature and you're dealing with crime trends, operations analysis and reports for the department, so you are generating useful information to the dept. - also have semi-regular hours. This means getting a BS in Crime Analysis which will take me two years, vs. 6 months in the academy if I decided to become a PO. Remember, I'm 43, but a young 43.

    Does anyone know if there is a need for Crime Anaylsist in municipal police departments right now - in California? Too old to become a PO?

    Any feedback, tips would be great, I appreciate it!

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    I know that several Sheriff's Departments do not have upper age limits, so at least you have that going for you.
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