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    First all I would like to say I have navigated this site for quite some time, and after much consideration, I have decided to post my real life experience regarding my goal to work and contribute to the success of the federal government. 4 years ago, as I was preparing to graduate from college (well respected top 20 college in the nation), I applied to various government agencies. Some that I will mention and other’s I would like to remain confidential. My last semester in college, I was sent an email from the FBI that I was invited to take the phase 1 exam. After briefly looking over old trigonometry, I felt confident that I would pass the exam. I went in obviously nervous, but fortunately, I passed. 21 years old, passing the FBI Exam, I was as ecstatic, that my dream of being an FBI agent would soon come to true. Soon after receiving the letter informing me of my success, I was called by a recruiter indicating that although I had passed, because I did not meet the requirements for an agent (age or 3 years of professional experience), my application would be placed on hold. Because I was a month away from turning 22, I figured, I could wait…no big deal. A year passed and I reconnected with the HR department in my region, and I attempted to continue with the process. Although I would never have to take phase 1 again, I was informed, that I did not have the 3 years professional experience. I performed some research on the fbi website, and learned because I spoke another language fluently, I could attempt to continue the process through that route. I passed three foreign language exams for the bureau, and everything started to look up again. Although I was continuing the process, it became lengthy, as each exam was months apart. Although it was taking time, it didn’t really matter as I had been hired in risk management by a top 5 bank (in size). 2 years passed, I again contact my recruiter to inform him that I was still interested in the Special Agent position. I’m assuming my application must have just been put in the cabinets because 2 weeks later I was invited to Phase 2. Now just turning 25, and seeing my other aspiring agents 5-10 years older (all in LE), I was a little overwhelmed but I still remained confident. I completed phase 2, and felt absolutely great, as my experience (jump started a risk dept in my firm, worked on high profile cases), academia, etc was extremely appealing to them. Got the letter that I had passed and my medical, pft, and polygraph would all be completed in a 3 weeks time. Medical, and pft was breeze, and all was left was the polygraph. Talking with the polygrapher, (which I declared everything on my sf86 form, and my recruiter) I indicated to him, 6 years ago I tried a drug at a party (once only and experimental),……..I wanted to be completely honest. My dreams were dashed. He explained that the FBI is stringent on their drug policy and because I did not meet the 10 year req, my application would once again be placed on hold, and I could reapply in 5 years. Quickly I thought to myself, 4 years…….you must be kidding. I left the building feeling down, but thinking, I tried but it is what it is, and I will not reapply in 4 years and start a new career. Being 25, managing a risk dept now, and taking a pay cut, I was willing to take the job now, but there is absolutely no way I would do this again. In sum, the Bureau is a prestigious organization, and would have loved to be a part of it, but I made a mistake I obviously regret, but it’s a past of me, and there wasn’t nor anything I could change. My only comment to my recruiter was, “I’m sorry, I did indeed make a mistake one time, but I am not a drug user, and at least I can say I tried. In sum, it appears the FBI will be loosing a qualified candidate, unless they seem to waive this one time incident, which I certainly dont think they will. Any comments or suggestions, on how to pursue this dream without having to wait 4-5years?

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    In sum, it appears the FBI will be loosing a qualified candidate, unless they seem to waive this one time incident, which I certainly dont think they will.

    Yes, a tale of woe! Too bad, maybe another Federal agency would be more lenient and understanding?

    Have the best day ever!
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      Apply with the CIA you only need to be clean for 12 months.


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        Originally posted by thereaperman
        what was the drug?

        code seven... lighten up.
        It was a pill


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          Originally posted by dukasjos10 View Post
          It was a pill
          You need to be much more specific if you want constructive opinions on your situation...


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            If you ever do go forward in the process you might want to check the ego at the door. They have thousands of qualified applicants so they are not "losing" anything. I am also sure they just loved hearing how you were still interested in them, they must have just been waiting for that phone call forever.

            I'm just messing with you a little, but you are going to be eaten alive if you go into any kind of LE academy talking like that. Good Luck and try other agencies. Also, be specific of what type of pill. You are being evasive. That means you are acting like a suspect and not an investigator or even an applicant. You told us your "story" and wanted advice, so be upfront when asked a question or keep your stories to yourself.


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              You should've of "JUST SAID NO!"
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                As probably the most well-known law enforcement agency in this galaxy, with their entire hiring process laid bare for the world to scrutinize and study...how is it that you did not know the FBI's drug policy BEFORE starting the process? And if it wasn't posted somewhere, why didn't you ask your applicant coordinator? I'm also surprised the AC didn't ask YOU repeatedly, knowing that hurdle was coming up.

                I ask this because your statement gives the impression that you were totally blindsided by this disqualification, that it is such a minor thing, and that the government is losing out on such a great candidate because of it. In other words, it looks like your blaming the agency when in reality, you're the one at fault - for not knowing the standards, not asking, and for using the substance to begin with. When you took your phase I exam all those years before, you knew about the drug use and that the FBI had a drug policy, right?

                The government has to draw a line somewhere when they set hiring standards, and just because your disqualification happened to be on the wrong side of it doesn't mean they're to blame.

                If you ever do go forward in the process you might want to check the ego at the door.
                Amen. As far as "top-20 school" and "top-5 bank", read the recent post by the kid who thought going to an uber-intellectual, well-known school made him a shoe-in. It just doesn't work out that way in the USG. More important than the price of your degree or the prestige of your school or employer is almost always going to be a clean background.

                I agree with the other poster - there are plenty of agencies out there that have different drug policies. I would shoot for one of them. And this time, read and understand the requirements before you drop an application, ask questions and seek feedback, be patient, and don't blame the agency for having the standards they have if you happen to not meet them.
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                  The FBI isn't everything. You sound like a well qualified applicant, so why not apply for a different agency?
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                    Stop feeling sorry for yourself and go get another job. Your post itself explains why they don’t want you. You turn to strangers to make yourself feel better, and your post has no point

                    The bottom line is in much of life, such as law enforcement, it doesn’t matter that you went to a top 20 college, what your GPA is, or how you passed the PT. It matters that you have a piece of paper, you have strong work ethic, a good attitude, and you made the right decisions in your past when it counted. .

                    You didn’t do some of these things, therefore, keep the job you have, create a nice family, and give something else to society.


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                      Generally a lot of agencies will not consider you if you used any drugs harder than marijuana. If your dream was to become an FBI agent, why did you participate in a drug party? When I decided as a child I wanted to be in Law Enforcement, I avoided all contact with drugs and did not hang out with people involved with drugs. When marijuana was presented to me at a party I left, because I didn't want some foolish choice to destroy my chances.

                      Also when you first took the test at 21 you were also unqualified because you have to be 23 to join the FBI.


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                        Originally posted by dukasjos10 View Post
                        It was a pill
                        WAS IT ASPRIN?
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                          I have to agree with what has been said. Do I think what you did is that bad? No, not really, but there are plenty of other agencies out there that are more understanding.
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