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  • Homeland Security degree

    Would it be wise to get a degree in this field against maybe criminal justice program or accounting? I didn't even know some colleges offer this program until a few months ago and just wanted to know if anyone here has been through it or has more knowledge about if it would benefit me in the pursuit of a fed career.

    All feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    SDSU (San Diego State) offers this program.
    What if quotas did exist?!


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      Thanks! I'm in the hiring process with CBP and hoping to get the San Ysidro station, SDSU would work perfectly.


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        In my opinion Accounting would take you further throughout your career.

        Just my 2 cents however

        GL with your hiring process!


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          That sounds terrible to me. This is what I talk about when I say that there's an education industry that likes to sell junk instead of educate. If you do go through with this 'degree' and ultimately learn how to secure the homeland, let the rest of us know.


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            Accounting IMO would be the better of the three. More opportunities in both the private and public sectors.


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              I agree with the above. If you get your degree in accounting and become a CPA you can work for the government and do work on the side during tax season. You won't get much sleep for a few months but you'll be making some very good money. CBP, DOJ, FBI are all looking for accountants. Think about how many accounts for the FBI are working on Madoff's case right now!!!


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                Colleges aren't in the business of providing education, they are in the business of awarding degrees. Look at some of these new colleges like AMU, they have BA degrees in Counter-Terrorism, Espionage, and Counter-Intelligence. Pretty stupid in my opinion.

                I actually talked with a kid who said he was getting a BA in Terrorism with a minor in Counter-Intel. Jack Bauer watch out.

                If Homeland Security issues interest you, then go for International Relations. It will provide you with a broader education and cover many things related to Homeland Security/Terrorism. Plus, most schools have opportunities for good language programs and study abroad classes.

                lol, there are very few "counter-terrorism" specialists running around out there, and I wouldn't place my education/future on a Homeland Security degree either. Remember, when you are young things sound cool, but when you get older and experience more the real world you will see no degree can prepare you for such issues and that you ****ed away $75,000 on an education that gave you no skill-set.

                If accounting interests you go for that, there will always be jobs for accountants.


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                  American Military University

                  Class of 2006. Homeland Security, Terrorism Studies.


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                    Thanks for all the replies, I will take all into consideration.


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                      Study a foreign language is another option...


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                        Language would be a good option, even if your LE/Intel career doesn't go as planned, business still needs interpreters and talent that can negotiate overseas in a competent manor. I know Arabic is the hot one right now, but if I was you I'd go for Chinese.

                        The only way I would recommend doing a Homeland Security degree is if you augmented it with an MBA or some kind of Graduate computer science/language degree. Once you get out of school you will realize that companies and government agencies need individuals with applicable skills that are relevant in an office setting.

                        Sure, some agencys (FBI, CIA, NSA, ect) need individuals with expertise in Homeland Security RELATED issues. Typically these individuals are highly educated in a particular issue or geographical area. For example, the CIA might hire an individual to be a political analyst. This person will most likely have a BA in Political Science/International Affairs, possible language training, high undergrad GPA, strong internship experience, Masters in Political Science or related field, Thesis in a specific issue (very specific, basically making you a subject expert), and very possibly a PHD with strong research and teaching experience.

                        FBI is different, but still competitive.

                        When it comes to investigations, I would take an Accountant over a CJ or HS graduate. I want someone who can track money and tax returns, can go through books and see what is really going on with the numbers and where the money is really coming from/going to.


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                          Homeland Security degree? Is there a capstone seminar class taught by Jack Bauer, with special guest professor Chuck Norris?


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                            Originally posted by a cashew View Post
                            Homeland Security degree? Is there a capstone seminar class taught by Jack Bauer, with special guest professor Chuck Norris?
                            To get a Master's in Homeland Security, you have to last 3 seconds in a ring with Chuck Norris.

                            No one has ever gotten a Master's in Homeland Security.


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                              When I was in undergrad I was majoring in CJ. Fortunately, I realized how useless that degree was and picked up extra classes to get a double major.

                              I got my Master's from Norwich University in Diplomacy. Awesome program. It's online, but you have to WORK for it. You also go to Vermont for a week for graduation. You have to defend your thesis or present and defend a paper if you choose the non-thesis option.

                              If I recall, there are three concentrations with the Diplomacy- Terrorism, Conflict Resolution, and Commerce.

                              If anyone is looking for an online Master's program, I highly recommend Norwich. They have about a dozen different programs.


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