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  • Florida LE Job Leads

    Need advice----Currently I am in the Military stationed in the commonwealth of Virginia.ª I have just over 17 years of service and I will be eligible for retirement at the 20 year mark.ª I will have completed my Bachelors Degree in a few months.ª I was recently sworn in as an Auxiliary Deputy (corrections) and I am volunteering my time at the jail and gaining some good training.ª ª

    I am looking to relocate to my home state.ª My goal is to become a FULL TIME law enforcement officer (Patrol or Corrections) in the state of Florida.ª (Looking around the central Florida area but I am open to Jax area and south Florida).ª I am looking to get sponsored at an academy or go FHP.
    This has been a life long dream.

    I have a few options now.ª

    I could stay in pass the 20 year mark and gain more experience as an auxiliary deputy before heading back to my home state,

    Get out at 20 and go full time up here for a few years and then put in for a lateral in Florida, (problem - Military will only pay for the move one year after retirement date) or

    Get out at 20 and apply to a few agencies in Florida (of course I will be applying a year out).ª (Potential problem is dealing with communications while I am on detachments/deployments but this is my first choice).ª ª

    I will be 38 years old when I retire from the Military-
    Am I still a competitive applicant? Some agencies want younger applicants.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.ª
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    Been to California a few times on detachment for the military. Like it. Wife has been out there once in San Diego. She liked but the west coast would be too far from family.


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      Not to mention the extremely high cost of living and rising taxes in California. Isn't the Govenator laying off and cutting pay for state employees at the moment? If so, Cali (while fun) might not be such as great idea at the moment.
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      Interview: Dec 14 - Conditional offer received
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      Physical - TBD
      Interim Clearance - TBD
      EOD - TBD

      How can terrorists manufacture and sell opium to fund there murderous operations but take a strong moral stance against beer?!


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        Every state has its problems these days with budget shortfalls.

        I would not consider to live in California anyway, nice to visit.
        Cost of living is just too high.

        Virginia is facing problems with budgets too.
        All sheriffs in the Commonwealth of Virginia are targeted for a 7 percent budget reduction in Gov. Kaine’s proposed budget.
        Statewide, according to a survey conducted by the Virginia Sheriffs Association, this will mean a personnel reduction of at least 310 deputy sheriffs’ positions, resulting in the reduction of public safety services across the Commonwealth.

        Like to get to Florida in a few years, but they have their own issues with insurance crisis and budgets too.


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          My 02 cents...

          I have been a resident of Florida on and off for almost 30 years now and dabbled in the LE field. Its a great place to live and work.

          There are some Federal LEO positions that are allowing applicants over 35 years old if that is of interest to you. (DSS, USSS)

          I believe that JSO (Jacksonville Sheriffs Office) require all new applicants to have a 4 year degree and/or with police experience.

          And the cities of Ft.Lauderdale, Davie and Hollywood in Florida have decent pay with benefits.

          Hope this helps.



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            I would not mind south Florida, but wife does not want to live there, she is looking at a place in the country in central Florida or north east Florida.


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              Fishfan13, you have been pm'd.

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