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Am I on the Right Track?


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  • Am I on the Right Track?

    Hope I posted this in the right forum.

    I'm looking for any input into my situation. As of now I am looking to get hired into a California agency, preferrably the California Highway Patrol. If not, local is completely fine, such as LAPD.

    During my time in High School I was an Explorer who contributed over 200 hours of service. Completed Law Enforcement Academy (Explorers) and was recognized by the US and State Senate for academics and work in law enforcement. After I graduated, I attended a local community college where I completed 33 units. Transferred to The Citadel: Military College of South Carolina where I currently majoring in Criminal Justice.

    I'm currently a knob, or what's known a as "plebe" at the military academies. Basically means I'm going through one heck of a year. If all goes as planned, I'll be graduating in 2011. In addition, I will be attending BASIC/AIT this summer to be enlisted as a Combat Engineer until I commission in 2011. I then hope to commision as a 2LT in the CA National Guard.

    How competitive am I for a job at an agency such as the CHP?

    Anything I can do to improve? It's not imperative I go to BASIC/AIT this summer. If there are any summer Law Enforcement programs, I would greatly appreciate hearing about them.

    Do any of you think my future service as an officer in the Guard will keep me from being able to fully perform as a LEO? (Will agencies hesitate hiring a Guard soldier due to possibilities of military duty taking time away from LEO duty?)

    Thanks alot guys.

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    Nothwithstanding Kimble's comment, yes you are on an excellent path
    Today's Quote:

    "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits."
    Albert Einstein


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      Originally posted by Kimble
      Are you saying you completed an actual police academy (i.e. POST), or some kiddie explorer version? The two are not the same thing, and an explorers academy is NOT a police academy that certifies you as a LEO. I'm confused which you mean.
      Definitely NOT POST certified. I was trying to clarify that when I typed Explorers in parentheses. Apologize for not being more clear with that.


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        You are on the right track.


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