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City Cop Wants to be State Police...But which state ?


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  • City Cop Wants to be State Police...But which state ?

    I am an officer in a city with right around 100k people. I have always wanted to work for a state police agency. I tried to hire on with GSP before landing my current municipal police job. Unfortunately it wasnt meant to be at that time. That was a little over a year ago. So time goes by and im content with my current agency. I recently started getting the itch to try for a state police job once again. Georgia has had a hiring freeze on for a while , and its unknown when that will be lifted. So i decided not to limit myself to just GSP and look at some other state agencies. My question to you guys is : What state police agencies have good reputations, good equipment and treat their officers good?
    One of the main reasons i wanna go state is because 1. I like working traffic 2. The training the state patrol receives in GA is FAAAR superior to any training Ive received being a city officer. 3. They seem to hold themselves to a higher standard of professionalism than other city and county agencies ( no offense to any officers, just my opinion )
    Some state police agencies are falling apart with budget restrictions and outdated equipment it seems. What agencies are worth applying to? Id be willing to relocate anywhere in the country, but GA FL and AL are the closest and most preferred . Thanks in advance

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    Around here the Troopers get the same training we get, you just live there.
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      If your looking to go back through a full academy, I've been told Ohio was one of the best state patrol/ police agencies. However, if your looking for a lateral that will accept your out of state training and provide you supplemental training, the following states have that: Montanna, Oregon, Nevada, Maine, Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, and Colorado are a few I can name off the top of my head and they all provide decent information on their website. Alababma has a lateral training program but you have to work for an Alabama agency for two years first, before you can lateral.

      I'm guessing you went through a 10 week regional academy, which if so I can understand your concern about the training you received. Keep in mind alot of your bigger agencies in metro Atlanta hav their own academies which tend to last approx. 6 months and provide more advanced level training. That being said some of those agencies have dedicated traffic units that pay much better than the state, which might be something you should consider if you haven't already.
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        If you want to come out west, the California Highway Patrol is hiring, and last time I check the Arizona and Nevada Highway Patrols were too.


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          Illinois State Police is a top notch organization. There are plenty of troopers on here that can give you the low down.

          As a outsider looking in it seems like the pay and equipment are very good, but the process is very competitive.
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            I applied for the Florida Highway Patrol about 2 weeks ago and have already received my time and date to report for the CJBAT and PAT.



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              I'm completely with you on becoming a trooper. Very few agencies around here have the level of training that a trooper receives. Also very few agencies offer take homes to patrol officers aside from the rural sheriff's offices.

              I also would like to work traffic, and the relative freedom of the duties of a trooper as compared to a local leo. the only downside is that troopers around here are paid slightly less than local leo's in the metro areas.

              Kansas Highway Patrol is under a hiring freeze due to budget issues and has already canceled at least 2 academy classes. Missouri State Highway Patrol is still actively hiring and is shorthanded.
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                Yes, my mandate police academy training was only 10 weeks. To be honest it left a little something to be desired.


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                  Anyone know if theres a state police agency that will accept my OC cert from GA? Im allergic to it and it really affects me. Ill do it again if i have to but id prefer not to.


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                    I believe and undergrad. degree is required, but I heard Kentucky State Police is an awesome/exciting agency to work for. Some refer to them as "The Big Law," I believe. Most troopers up north are in a union too, that is a plus, depending on who you ask. I grew up in Ohio - the OSHP is highly respected.


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                      Originally posted by AlbPD101 View Post
                      Anyone know if theres a state police agency that will accept my OC cert from GA? Im allergic to it and it really affects me. Ill do it again if i have to but id prefer not to.
                      To my knowledge, if you go to another agency, especially out of the state of Georgia, they usually will expose you to OC again. There just seems no way around it. I have worked for 4 different agencies and had to be exposed each time.
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                        NJSP. They will probably open hiring again in late summer. Their academy is extremely rough and thorough. One of my friends is in his tenth week at the academy as we speak and he is a prior marine. He said it is worse than marine core boot camp. They will not accept any of your prior training and you WILL get OC again. Their academy is 27 weeks I believe and on the beach, you will be pting and running in the sand. The application process is very competitive, you will be going against troopers from other states and other policemen.

                        They start at 55k and top out at over 90k in 9 years. No take home unless under special assignment.
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